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© Chapter 7: Networking to CONNECTIONS! © Journey 2 Success w/Pete ASMUS Sunday’s @ 6pm Pacific

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Force YOUR Dreams Into Reality Pete Asmus Sunday’s @ 6pm PT gomakeSOMETHINGhappen.com Journey 2 Success

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You must be willing to SHATTER who you are for who you want to BECOME!

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Pete ASMUS’s 21 Day CHALLENGE Write Your goals Every Morning in a notebook and Take a picture of them, tag me and Hash tag it #21DayCHALLENGE (5) Community (5) Business (5) Personal c2cREIA.com/21daychallenge

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Are you ready to take Your Life to the NEXT LEVEL? c2cREIA.com/21daychallenge Pete ASMUS’s 21 Day CHALLENGE

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Goals are the Blocks that support your Success! 12 week goal: 8 week goal that supports your 12 week goal 4 week goal that supports your 8 week goal 2 week goal that supports your 4 week goal Go to: c2cREIA.com/goals/ each 2 week goal should support your 4 and 8 week goals like a step ladder or Pyramid

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Most of US THINK What do you mean.. -CHANGE-

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Steps to Create Success The Reason Is You! Chapter 1: Passion Chapter 2: Belief Chapter 3: Values Last of the Internals!! Step OUT, Step UP and then Step INTO

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Steps to Create Success Chapter 4: Creating the Right Strategy Chapter 5: Living with Consistency Chapter 6: It’s ALL about TIME Chapter 7: Networking to CONNECTIONS

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Making Strong Connections by Valuing, Leading and Helping People a network is like a switch board. It has a ton of connections and you have to use them to see if they work.

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One is too small to Conquer Greatness “If you can reach all your goals by your self you don’t have much of a goal”- John Maxwell

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Follow up It’s the key to networking.

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We have to LET GO of the Past to BUILD our FUTURE

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Q and A It’s now your turn to ask questions!!

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Monday – YOU Tuesday – Jillian SidotI (Attorney) Wednesday – Leslie Horn (CEO 3Squared) Thursday – Skip Schenker (Ready 4 Remodel) –Ivan Oberon’s Bird Dog 2 Intern™ “Coaching Call” 6pmPT Friday –Gene Guarino (ALF Expert) What’s Happening This week Coast 2 Coast REIA™ and our RADIO SHOW Register NOW at c2cALF.com Assisted Living Facilities FREE Webinar

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Monday – YOU – BirdDOGGING Opportunities with Scott TRAVIS Tuesday – Clint Coons – Experts Corner with Clint Coons Wednesday – Jeff Woytovich 6:30pm – Wine and Dine TGIF Temecula, Ca Thursday – Candice and Omar –Ivan Oberon’s Money MATTERS “Coaching Call” Friday – David Fagan’s Event Live…. What’s Happening This week Coast 2 Coast REIA™ at 6pm PT and the RADIOSHOW at 10am PT c2cALF.com

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April 11-13th 2014 Code word: EARLY BIRD Pre Register Today Acquisitions and Action tlanta 2014 c2cREIA.com/action

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Each Week a Different Co-Host I Covering ALL aspects of Real Estate

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(760) 931-1604 Call EVERYDAY Monday thru Friday 10am - 11am PT Tweet your Questions and add the hashTAG #c2cREIA “Message” Line 888-570-7464 or “LIVE” Call in-Line c2cREIA.com/live gomakeSOMETHINGhappen.com Allergic 2 AVERAGE Radio

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Allergic 2 AVERAGE Radio

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Successful People READ www.forceYOURdreams.com

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