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10 Hacks Timeless By Bernard Marr

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In our modern world, everyone is looking to do things faster, better, smarter, so it's no wonder that productivity hacks are incredibly popular. Here are my top 10 timeless work habits that will make you more productive, today:

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1. Define your MITs. MIT stands for most important task, and just by taking a few moments to identify 3–5 things you must accomplish each day, you will improve your overall productivity—because you can't focus on your important work if you don't know what's important.

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2. Don't multi-task. We live In a multi-tab, multiple device kind of world, but scientists tell us that none of us is truly a good multi-tasker. Working on one thing at a time will make you faster and less apt to make mistakes..

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3. Create a morning routine. For many people, defining and sticking to a routine can help. If you know you operate at your best when you have exercised and had a good breakfast, making those things a priority will positively affect the rest of your day.

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4. Curb Your Media Streams. We wouldn't want to give up our newsletters, social media, or blog reading, but we can ruthlessly edit your media streams to the most valuable and important ones and use tools to automate and aggregate.

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5. Be succinct.. When writing emails, get to the point quickly. A good rule of thumb is to limit your email to five sentences or less.

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6. Do important work. Find a way to prioritize the work that is important, and do it early enough so it doesn’t become urgent. Listen to Steven Covey and spend most of your time on important but not urgent work.

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7. Batch similar tasks. Identify tasks that are interrupting your flow (email, phone calls, meetings, etc.) and schedule a time to do them all at once.

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8. Eliminate, automate, delegate. First, eliminate anything you can from your to do list; determine if any tasks can be automated with technology or templates; and finally, delegate any tasks that don't need your personal attention.

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9. Work offline. The Internet is a fantastic, but tempting place. If you have difficulty avoiding its distractions, work offline or take your work somewhere without an Internet connection to force some focus.

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10. Do the thing you want to do the least, first. Prioritize those items you are most likely to procrastinate, your day will go much more smoothly when they are no longer weighing on your mind.

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…and remember: You don't need a fancy system for productivity, just a few good, timeless habits.

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BLOG For more, read my blog post on the topic: .

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About For more articles, white papers, case studies and much more visit the Advanced Performance Institute Knowledge Hub This overview was put together by Bernard Marr, Founder and CEO of the Advanced Performance Institute. Bernard Mar is a bestselling business author, keynote speaker, strategic performance consultant, and analytics, KPI & Big Data guru. Read Bernard’s blogs: LinkedIn Influencer Blog Connect with Bernard on: LinkedIn Twitter Advanced Performance Institute