Why making choices based on intuition can be successful?

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Why making choices based on intuition can be successful? By David Navarro

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“Is the intuition a source of knowledge, as valid as the “logical thinking”?”

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“Only a small part of our brain structure takes care of the knowledge learned conciously”

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“the rest, which is almost everything except the neocortex, takes care of the intuitive unconscious, the knowledge we receive almost imperceptibly, and the emotions”

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“the conscious part of the brain is very good at imagining the future based on past experiences”

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But this needs to be trained, too. In the childhood, the past and the future are unknown concepts which need to be inculcated.

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The consciuos is not able to understand or even see things which is not ready to. Barriers like timings, social prejudgements, fears, needs, make our conscious to discard/filter many information.

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The kind of human values inculcated in the childhood has a heavy influence on the filtering criteria of conscious.

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By contrast, the unconscious, in a disorderly manner, receives all the available information, virtually with no filter or barrier.

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“Only in the unconscious can be carried out complex cognitive processes.” Is there where the so-called intuition appears.

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“The heart has reasons that the reason can not understand. Blaise Pascal” Children, who have fewer barriers than adults, are faster to detect feelings and intentions which are invisible to adults.

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“All big decisions are rooted at the information received in the unconscious. Unknowingly, it influences us and gives us signs and answers.” How could we take more advantage of this fact?

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Light up your brain by allowing both sides to communicate well And supply the right energy

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do not let to limit your mind

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The great difference of being humans, is that each one of us are unique individuals, which can cooperate with others. Let not into oblivion what makes you unique, while working in community with others.

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Keep feeding it with good contents Water it with high human values

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Remember : Your unconscious, the “heartly part”, will always “knock you” faster and stronger.

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Is fully operative while the other sleeps, and has more information.

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Expedite the comunication between them.

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Get rid of mental garbage. See more at http://www.slideshare.net/hudali15/clean-your-mind-cache By Ali Anani PhD

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Provide your mind with appropiate environment. A balanced, peaceful mind takes better decisions. Why? Because then the unconscious is able to “speak” openly to our conscious, thus a bigger picture of the issue can be exposed

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This presentation is inspired by and dedicated to: Ali Anani PhD Rod Kuhn King Shrutin Shettin All the sentences in “brackets”, are atributed to: Dr. John Bargh, Yale’s University Psicologist Thank you for your time. Your Comments are more than welcome. David Navarro.