Why should you read on a daily basis?

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Why should you read on a daily basis? How to step out of the cave into a more accurate reality. Presented by: Ayoub Kallel

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Every leader is a reader! Every successful person reads on a daily basis.

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Why should you read? It makes you interesting.

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Why should you read? It helps you create your own world view.

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Why should you read? It elevates your consciousness.

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Why should you read? It makes you smarter.

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Did you know? If you read 3 top books in any area, you’ll know more than 95% of the people interested in that area.

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What should you read? Fiction

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What should you read? Business

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What should you read? Autobiographies

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What should you read? Self-Help

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When should you read? Every morning. Before going to bed.

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Can’t find time to read? Audiobooks

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Audiobooks are awesome! Commuting. Driving in your car.

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Audiobooks are awesome! Cooking. Doing the chores.

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Audiobooks are awesome! Walking. Jogging.

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Here’s the rule: Whenever the body is working and the mind is idle, soak in some knowledge.

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Life is short. Read fast. Speed reading.

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Here’s a tip: Audiobooks - Speed up the tempo by 50%.

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Happy reading! “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”