3 SEO Tips For Law Firm Websites

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3 SEO Tips For Law Firm Websites

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706-363-0335 Is Your Law Firm Website Struggling? hit by recent Google Panda update? not driving expected traffic? not converting new leads & clients? rankings not improving in Google search?

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706-363-0335 3 SEO Tips for Law Firm Websites: learn how to... 1) Build authority & rankings in Google. 2) Stand out from your competitors in Google. 3) Drive increased traffic, leads, & clients from Google.

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706-363-0335 1) Build authority & rankings in Google. Homepage as a hub. Practice areas = mini-sites silos of authority. Link back to homepage. ex: pdwlawfirm.com / jacksonwhitelaw.com

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706-363-0335 2) Stand out from competitors in Google: Video content / Schema language. Video per landing page. Branded thumbnail images. Ex: brain injury attorney atlanta, georgia self defense attorney, orthopedic injury attorney milwaukee

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706-363-0335 3) Increase traffic to your website. Consistent blog posts. Minimum = 1 per week. Recommended = 1 per week / per practice area Consistency = increased traffic.

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706-363-0335 Results? Increased rankings in Google. Insurance from future Google algorithm updates. Increased branded exposure in Google. Increased traffic from high quality visitors. More leads / more clients for your law firm.

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