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Partner Program

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Technology Law: Regulations on the Internet and Emerging Technologies Heather L. Buchta Quarles & Brady LLP September 4, 2014

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Regulatory Environment Contractual Issues

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Regulatory Environment Speed of Regulation Comparison over last 10 years

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State in 2003 E-contracting Cybercrime/hacking

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Personal Information FEDERAL FTC Act COPPA CAN-SPAM TCPA FERPA STATE Breach Notification Point of Sale Collection State Consumer Protection Security Obligations Health Information FEDERAL HIPAA HITECH Health Breach Notification Rule GINA STATE HIPAA-like Financial Information FEDERAL GLB FCRA FACTA STATE GLB-like Employee Information FEDERAL ERISA FMLA Whistleblower Protection Act STATE Contract law Current State

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Regulatory Environment - Background Terminology Data Privacy Data Security Cybersecurity Co-Lo Cloud Legal Framework Sectoral Comprehensive

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A Bit of Historical Context…. Not actually a new topic Warren and Brandeis – 1890 Prosser – 1960 Fair Information Practices – 1973 Guidelines Governing the Protection of Privacy and Transborder Data Flows of Personal Data – 1980 Council of Europe – 1981 EU Data Protection Directive – 1995 APEC Privacy Framework – 2004

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Regulatory Environment – Disclaimer Data Privacy and Protection Health Care Financial Labor & Employment Trade Secrets Internet of Things BYOD Other Regulations Online contracting All other offline business regulations – FCC, FTC, etc.

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Regulatory Environment Understand applicable obligations Geographic Source of Data What Kind of Data – Defined by States and/or Statutes Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Nonpublic Personal Information (NPI) Protected Health Information (PHI) Types of Obligations Privacy Security

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Regulatory Environment Understand Applicable Obligations Personal Information Federal FTC Section 5 of the FTC Act Telemarketing Sales Rule COPPA CAN-SPAM FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act USDOE FERPA Electronic Communications Privacy Act

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Regulatory Environment New Bills Location Privacy Protection Act of 2014 S.2171, Sen. Franken, March 27, 2014 Personal Data Privacy and Security Act of 2014 S.1897, Sen. Leahy, January 8, 2014 Data Security Act of 2014 S.1927, Sen. Carper, January 15, 2014 Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights of 2014 S.2378, Sen. Menendez, May 21, 2014 Other Initiatives Do Not Track movement Big Data: Seizing Opportunity, Preserving Value, May 2014, Executive Office of the President

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Regulatory Environment Understand Applicable Obligations Personal Information State Security Breach Notification Statutes Point of Sale Collection Security Obligations – MA 201 CMR 17.00, Nev. 603A.215 State Consumer Protection Laws FERPA-like ECPA-like California CALOPPA, BPC 22575-22579 Shine the Light, CA Civ Code 1798.83 CALCOPPA, S.B. 568

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Regulatory Environment Understand Applicable Obligations Health Information HIPAA/HITECH – OCR of HHS LabMD – overlapping jurisdiction with FTC State Attorneys General Health Breach Notification Rule – FTC GINA – EEOC States also have similar legislation

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Regulatory Environment Understand Applicable Obligations Financial Information GLB Privacy Rule – FTC and CFPB Safeguards Rule – FTC and CFPB Banking Regulators FCRA – FTC, CFPB and State Attorneys General FACTA – FTC, CFPB and State Attorneys General Red Flags Rule Some states have similar legislation

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Regulatory Environment Understand Applicable Obligations Employee Information ADA HIPAA State Specific Rules – social media Employee Handbooks Union Agreements/Collective Bargaining Agreements

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Regulatory Environment Understand Applicable Obligations EU Directives – Personal Information and Cookie DPAs Works Councils Canada PIPEDA CASL Australia Privacy Amendment Act 2012

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Regulatory Environment Credit Card Data PCI DSS v.3 Nevada 603A.215 Minnesota 325E.64 Online Tracking Digital Advertising Alliance OBA and retargeting NIST Media Sanitization Cybersecurity Framework NERC Contractual obligations and self-imposed obligations

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Regulatory Environment Security Audit “systematic, measurable technical assessment of how the organization's security policy is employed at a specific site” (Symantec 2003) “appropriate” and “reasonable” What is involved? Personal interviews Vulnerability scans (pen-testing) Examinations of operating system settings Analyses of network shares and other data Go to the experts Find the right vendor Set parameters

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Regulatory Environment WISP Consider Insurance Options Identify Key Team Members Key Executives Compliance – CISO? Legal Marketing/HR PR IT/Forensics Incident Response Vendor? Incident Response Plan Tabletop Exercises

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Regulatory Environment Internal Privacy Program Data Retention Schedule Regularly Review

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Why Do We Care The Regulators are Coming…. FTC Attorneys’ General And they are bringing bad press, fines and Enforcement Orders

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Why Do We Care Corporate Governance Issues SEC Investigations Officer Liability Have to Stay Informed NACD White Paper – Cybersecurity Boardroom Implications (2014) SEC Cybersecurity Roundtable Transcript, 3/28/14, available at www.sec.gov

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Why Do We Care Valuation Reputational Value Corporate Deals - M&A High Profile Deals WhatsApp, Moves, Nest Impacting the Bottom Line Restricting Ability to Transfer

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Why Do We Care Vendor Relationships Implicates both privacy and security Outsourcing does not mean relinquishing obligations or liability Must do due diligence Appropriate contractual provisions Maintain level of control and knowledge of activities

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Why Do We Care Mobile App Development Privacy By Design Hosting Facilities Security Requirements Breach Notifications SaaS Data Ownership/Access/Return Data Usage Marketing Retargeting OBA

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Why Do We Care Ask Questions Then Ask More Questions Which will lead to more questions Must understand the data flows, retention, sharing and usage

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Why Do We Care Key Provisions to Consider Audit Rights Security Audit Reports – SSAE16/ISAE3402 Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Compliance with Laws Ownership/Usage/Destruction Indemnities Warranties Exclusions to Limitations of Liability Insurance

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Why Do We Care Responsibility for breach of security is a function of who controls the data Liability for breach of security is a function of the contract Compliance with laws may be a domestic and/or foreign matter

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Other Considerations IP law trailing the technology evolution of the Cloud Trade Secrets and the Cloud may be incompatible Potential third-party disclosures US PATRIOT Act Evolving licensing models Potential data location issues Legacy software and systems issues

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Other Considerations Ownership of Data Preservation of Data Preservation may be easier on the cloud…or not Courts may not distinguish servers in the cloud Physical location of Data may be unknown Compliance with e-discovery and litigation holds Spoliation Data Integrity Must be free from corruption

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Other Considerations Determine accountability for data preservation Who is liable for stolen data What does indemnification cover What happens in bankruptcy What notice is provided for security breach What happens if lose co-lo contract or lose lease

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Other Considerations Intellectual Property Whose software Whose network Ownership Customizations or configurations Works made for hire Same contractual provisions come into play – now from an IP perspective

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Other Considerations Service Levels Online contracting – Enforceability Notice Conspicuous Choice Meaningful Contract of Adhesion

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Questions??? Thank you for your partnership!