What Is a Living Will?

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What Is a Living Will?

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A Different Type of Will

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Everyone has heard of the last will or last will and testament

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A living will is a different type of will

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Drawing Distinctions

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With a last will you can arrange for the distribution of your monetary resources after you die

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A living will is used to state your preferences regarding the use of life-support measures

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Protect Yourself

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If you were to be in a terminal condition with no hope of recovery, life-support questions may arise

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When you execute a living will, you protect yourself

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You can be certain that your own true wishes would be carried out under these circumstances

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Protect Your Family

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A living will also protects the interests of your family

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No one else will be forced to make these very difficult decisions

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In addition to this, there will be no cause for disagreements among your loved ones

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Advance Directives for Health Care

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A living will is an advance directive for health care

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There are other advance directives that are also recommended

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Incapacity Planning

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Advance directives for health care are going to be part of a comprehensive incapacity plan

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To be fully prepared for the future, you should discuss incapacity planning with qualified legal counsel

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Can Probate Be Avoided? Elder Law Consultation

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Our firm is focused on the interests of senior citizens

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