Drawbacks of Probate?

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What Are the Drawbacks of Probate?

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Last Wills

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The last will is the most COMMONLY USED estate planning document

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You can express your final wishes regarding the transfer of your assets with your will

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You may assume that your heirs receive their inheritances quickly and efficiently when you use a last will

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A will can seem like a very simple solution

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The Process of Probate

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In reality, things aren't as simple as they may seem

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The last will must be admitted to probate before inheritances can be distributed

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Estate Administration

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Probate is the legal process of ESTATE ADMINISTRATION

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It provides certain protections, but there are some inherent drawbacks

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Time Consuming & Expensive

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Probate is time-consuming

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At minimum it takes months

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Complicated cases can be stalled in probate for years

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There are also considerable expenses that can accumulate during the probate process

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Loss of Privacy

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Another drawback of probate is the loss of privacy

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Probate records are available to the general public

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Anyone who is interested could find out how you planned your estate

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Probate Avoidance Consultation

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It is possible to arrange for future asset transfers outside of the PROCESS OF PROBATE

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To explore your options, contact our firm to schedule a free consultation

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