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Advance Directives for Health Care

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When you are planning your estate, you should include advance directives for health care

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With these documents you prepare for possible incapacity

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Living Will

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A living will is an advance directive for health care

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This type of will has nothing to do with the transfer of financial assets

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Life Support

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People can sometimes be kept alive through the utilization of artificial life-support measures

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This can be true even when the patient is terminal and there is no hope of recovery

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Stating Your Preferences

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With a living will you state your preferences regarding the use of life-support measures

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When you have this advance directive in place, doctors will act in accordance with your wishes

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Personal Control

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The question of whether or not you would want to be kept alive via the use of life-sustaining measures is a personal one

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This is not a decision that should be left in the hands of someone else

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Incapacity Planning

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A significant percentage of elders become incapacitated before passing away

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You should certainly take this into account when you are planning your estate

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Advance directives for health care are a must if you want to be comprehensively prepared

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Do you have a living will in place?

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If not, action is required

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