15 Online 26 Marketing Tactics You’re Doing Totally Wrong

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15 Online 26 Marketing Tactics You’re Doing Totally Wrong

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Your Website Isn’t Built On Wordpress

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Your Website Costs More Than a Tesla

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Your Website Is the Same on Your Phone

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You Look Like a Lawyer

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You Have Multiple Names Addresses or Phone Numbers Listed

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Your Site Has Fake Addresses

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Your Site is Slow

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You Don’t Review Google Webmaster Tools

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You Believe in the Blogging Field of Dreams

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You Think About Your Bounce Rate

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You Run Multiple Domains For The Same Business

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You Measure SEO with Ranking Reports

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You Don’t Review Google Analytics

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You Don’t Know Your Traffic By Channel

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You Ask Your Prospects Where They Found You

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You Think PPC is Too Expensive

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You Ignore BingAds

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You Advertise When You’re Closed

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You Stopped Advertising in the Yellow Pages

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You Started Advertising on Yelp

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You Rationalized Advertising: “Just One Client and It Will Pay For Itself”

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You Think You are Sexy On Social Media

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You Use Social Media to Drive SEO

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You Use Social Media to Drive SEO . . . And improve your search engine rankings with social media marketing from LexisNexis.”

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You Don’t Ask Clients To Review You

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You Don’t Talk to Prospects Within 5 Minutes

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Your Voicemail is Recorded by an Assistant “Attorney Axelrod is currently unavailable, please leave a message.”

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You Don’t Know How Much Your Clients Cost

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Ranking reports You Don’t Have Google Analytics Installed You don’t know how to see if your natural search traffic is increasing. Not running PPC Running Adwords NOT Bing You think you are sexy on social media You think social media impacts SEO Anything but WordPress Spending more than $200 a month for a website, or $6,000 Your Website Looks the Same On Your Phone You look like a lawyer in your photos (suite and tie, scales of justice, leather bound books, gavels) Your website is slow You have no reviews on Avvo, Yelp and Google My Business Track marketing by asking clients during intake where they found you. You outsource blog content development at less than $25 an article. You have multiple live domains about the same practice area in the same location. You stopped advertising in the Yellow Pages You started advertising on Yelp You ever bought advertising on the premise that “just one client would pay for it.” You worry about your bounce rate. You respond to ALL prospects within 5 minutes. Your voicemail is recorded by an assistant You have fake addresses on your website. You have multiple law firm names/addresses or phone numbers listed on major Directories You calculate ROI cost per client for every paid marketing channel. You don’t have access to Google Webmaster Tools

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