9 Apps Every Lawyer Should Have

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9 Apps Every Lawyer Should Have Dar’shun Kendrick, esq./m.b.a. (404) 919-0660 www.socialprof.net (online marketing consulting firm for attorneys) Sponsored by: SocialProf *Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring.

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Why Listen to Me J.D. from U.G.A. and an M.B.A. from Kennesaw State Owner of Kendrick Law Practice, boutique business law firm 5,000 Facebook friends (Required to start a fan page) Over 5,300 LinkedIn connections (No. 8 viewed profile; No. 1 out of attorney and elected official connections Numerous “featured blogs” on LinkedIn Online, everywhere, talking, and people actually listen!

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DISCLAIMER As always, consult your State Bar rules before starting ANY marketing strategy or campaign. We are not responsible for your failure to read and follow applicable state bar rules and any other rules and laws. Signed, The Lawyer

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Part 1: To Stay Engaged HOOTSUITE Download this app to organize and view all your social media accounts in one place. You need a Hootsuite account to add your accounts to and its worth taking a look at Hootsuite Plus for additional analytics. INSTAREPOST This is great if you are on Instagram and like to repost others’ pictures. You have to sign up for the premium version, however, to remove ads and picture credits. ONEDRIVE Check the security features but I love Google’s Onedrive as a cloud based tool for keeping administrative and non-confidential client documents. You can share folders as well.

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Part 2: To Organize PAYPAL Either paypal or square or intuit. Whatever is the easiest way for you to accept payment, download that app on your phone so it’s handy. EVERNOTE Evernote is a great note taking app that you can download on your desktop and phone. You can organize notes by project and write down notes wherever you are and share with team members. It even saves web clippings. GOOGLE CALENDAR Ok you got me. I love google apps. The google calendar syncs with your Google account to tell you what time you need to leave your next appointment AND you can share and color code calendars.

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Part 3: To Educate CIRCA This is the newest app I have found helpful. It provides news in a concise way on subjects that interest me. You can decide when you receive these news feeds on your phone. SLIDESHARE Slideshare (which you are viewing now) is a great way to get easy to understand, visually appealing and helpful information on my phone. I can view when I have “down time” away from the office. SMARTBRIEF Education is crucial. Smartbrief is a great app like slideshare and circa to read articles on business or marketing or whatever interests you. You can email and share these news articles as well.

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