Cisco Q1 201 Earnings Report

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Q1 Fiscal Year 2016 Conference Call November 12, 2015

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FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS This presentation contains projections and other forward-looking statements regarding future events or the future financial performance of Cisco, including future operating results. These projections and statements are only predictions. Actual events or results may differ materially from those in the projections or other forward-looking statements. Please see Cisco’s filings with the SEC, including its most recent filing on Form 10-K, for a discussion of important risk factors that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those in the projections or other forward-looking statements. GAAP RECONCILIATION During this presentation references to financial measures of Cisco will include references to non-GAAP financial measures. Cisco provides a reconciliation between GAAP and non-GAAP financial information on our website at www.cisco.com under “Financial Info” in the “Investor Relations” section. http://investor.cisco.com/investor-relations/financial-information/Financial-Results/default.aspx

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 Business Momentum & Key Trends  Financial Overview  Guidance  Q&A

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Q1 FY’16 Highlights • Delivered revenue growth of 4% y/y and non-GAAP EPS growth of 9% y/y • Non-GAAP gross margin of 63.2% and non-GAAP operating margin of 30.5% • Pleased with speed of execution in a challenging environment…making the right transitions in our business and investing where we need for future growth, profitability and market leadership • Accelerating our ability to deliver on growth opportunities: driving internal innovation at a record pace… closed 3 acquisitions, announced 4 new acquisitions, formed 3 new strategic partnerships • Aggressively driving our cloud businesses • Delivering more of our portfolio in software and cloud models…driving consistent double digit growth in deferred revenue • Customers looking to Cisco as a strategic partner to drive their growth and build their digital organizations, cities and countries

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 Business Momentum & Key Trends  Financial Overview  Guidance  Q&A

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Q1 FY’16 – Revenue Highlights Y/Y % Change $M Switching $4,022 5% NGN Routing 1,793 (8%) Collaboration 1,115 17% Data Center 859 24% Service Provider Video 850 (2%) Wireless 645 7% Security 485 7% 75 12% 2,838 1% $12,682 Revenue % of Total 4% Other Products Service Total Cisco 22% 32% 1% 4% 5% 7% 7% 14% Switching NGN Routing Collaboration Data Center SP Video Wireless Security Other Service 9% Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding Certain reclassifications have been made to the amounts for prior periods in order to conform to the current period’s presentation. Historical revenue by product category and service is available on our website at http://investor.cisco.com under “Financial Info” in the “Investor Relations” section.

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Q1 FY’16 Product Orders: Geographic Regions & Customer Segments Geographic Region Y/Y % Change Customer Segment Y/Y % Change Americas 1% Enterprise EMEA 3% Public Sector 0% APJC 9% Commercial 7% Total Cisco 3% Service Provider 6% Total Cisco 3% Product Book to Bill Below 1 (3%)

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Q1 FY’16 non-GAAP Income Statement Highlights $M (except per-share amounts and percentages) Revenue Q1 FY’15 Q4 FY’15 Q1 FY’16 $12,245 $12,843 $12,682 1% 9,435 2,810 4% 9,911 2,932 4% 9,844 2,838 63.3% 62.1% 63.2% 62.5% 66.0% 61.0% 65.9% 62.3% 66.2% Operating Expenses 4,176 4,216 4,141 OPEX (% of Revenue) 34.1% 32.8% 32.7% Operating Income (% of Revenue) 29.2% 29.3% 30.5% Net Income $2,802 $3,012 $3,024 (2%) 6% 8% $0.54 $0.59 $0.59 2% 7% 9% Year/Year Change Product Service Gross Margin Product Gross Margin Service Gross Margin Year/Year Change EPS (diluted) Year/Year Change

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Management of Portfolio and Strategic M&A Acquisitions Closed in Q1 FY16 Announced / Expected to Close in Q2 FY16 OpenDNS (Security) Portcullis (Security) Provides advanced threat protection for any device, anywhere, anytime Provides cybersecurity services including vulnerability assessments, audits, training and policy review/creation to enterprise clients and the government sector Pawaa (Software & Security) Lancope (Security) Provides secure on-premise and cloud-based file sharing software Provides network behavior analytics, threat visibility and security intelligence MaintenanceNet (Services) ParStream (Data & Analytics) Provides a cloud-based software platform that uses data analytics and automation to manage and scale attach and renewals of recurring customer contracts Provides an analytics database that allows companies to analyze large amounts of data and store it in near real time anywhere in the network 1 Mainstream (Cloud-based video) Provides a cloud-based video platform designed to quickly launch live and on-demand OTT video services to a variety of connected devices

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Q1 FY’16 Key Financial Measures Q1 FY’15 Cash and Cash Equivalents and Investments ($M) Q4 FY’15 Q1 FY’16 $52,107 $60,416 $59,107 Operating Cash Flow ($M) $2,491 $4,138 $2,766 Accounts Receivables ($M) $4,375 $5,344 $4,712 33 38 34 $1,676 $1,627 $1,482 11.0 11.5 12.0 $4,299 $4,078 $4,028 $13,744 $15,183 $15,162 Product Deferred Revenue ($M) $4,715 $5,426 $5,473 Service Deferred Revenue ($M) $9,029 $9,757 $9,689 72,247 71,833 72,063 Days Sales Outstanding Inventory ($M) Non-GAAP Inventory Turns Purchase Commitments ($M) Deferred Revenue ($M) Headcount

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Capital Allocation Q1 FY’15 Share Repurchases ($M) Dividends paid ($M) Total ($M) Share Repurchase Program* Q1 FY’16 Purchases Q3 FY’15 Q4 FY’15 Q1 FY’16 $1,013 $1,208 $1,008 $1,005 $1,207 $973 $974 $1,070 $1,069 $1,068 $1,986 $2,182 $2,078 $2,074 $2,275 Q1 FY’15 Dividends per Share Q2 FY’15 $0.19 Q2 FY’15 Q3 FY’15 $0.19 Amount Purchased ($M) Q4 FY’15 $0.21 $0.21 Number of Shares (M) $1,207 *Approximately $3.1B remaining authorized funds in repurchase program as of the end of Q1 FY’16. 45 Q1 FY’16 $0.21 Avg. Price Per Share $26.83

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 Business Momentum & Key Trends  Financial Overview  Guidance  Q&A

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Client Premises Equipment Portion of SP Video Connected Devices Business Historical Financial Information Revenue* ($M) Q1 FY’15 Q2 FY’15 Q3 FY’15 Q4 FY’15 Total FY’15 Q1 FY’16 $479 $361 $519 $487 $1,846 $411 Profitability Impact to Cisco Upon Deal Completion Non-GAAP Gross Margin Operating Income * Stand-alone revenue is unaudited + ~1% Negligible

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 Business Momentum & Key Trends  Financial Overview  Guidance  Q&A

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FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS These presentation slides and the related conference call contain forward-looking statements, which are subject to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements include, among other things, statements regarding future (such as our ability to accelerate on growth opportunities, deliver profitable growth and deliver continued strength in our deferred product revenue, our strategy to drive our cloud business and to transition to software and cloud models, the impact of the macro environment and currency exchange rates on our performance, our financial strength and financial guidance, and our ability to manage our portfolio and strategic investments, and return shareholder value) and the future financial performance of Cisco that involve risks and uncertainties. Readers are cautioned that these forward-looking statements are only predictions and may differ materially from actual future events or results due to a variety of factors, including: business and economic conditions and growth trends in the networking industry, our customer markets and various geographic regions; global economic conditions and uncertainties in the geopolitical environment; overall information technology spending; the growth and evolution of the Internet and levels of capital spending on Internet-based systems; variations in customer demand for products and services, including sales to the service provider market and other customer markets; the return on our investments in certain priorities, including our foundational priorities, and in certain geographical locations; the timing of orders and manufacturing and customer lead times; changes in customer order patterns or customer mix; insufficient, excess or obsolete inventory; variability of component costs; variations in sales channels, product costs or mix of products sold; our ability to successfully acquire businesses and technologies and to successfully integrate and operate these acquired businesses and technologies; our ability to achieve expected benefits of our partnerships; increased competition in our product and service markets, including the data center; dependence on the introduction and market acceptance of new product offerings and standards; rapid technological and market change; manufacturing and sourcing risks; product defects and returns; litigation involving patents, intellectual property, antitrust, shareholder and other matters, and governmental investigations; natural catastrophic events; a pandemic or epidemic; our ability to achieve the benefits anticipated from our investments in sales, engineering, service, marketing and manufacturing activities; our ability to recruit and retain key personnel; our ability to manage financial risk, and to manage expenses during economic downturns; risks related to the global nature of our operations, including our operations in emerging markets, currency fluctuations and other international factors; changes in provision for income taxes, including changes in tax laws and regulations or adverse outcomes resulting from examinations of our income tax returns; potential volatility in operating results; and other factors listed in Cisco’s most recent report on Form 10-K filed on September 8, 2015. The financial information contained in these presentation slides and the related conference call should be read in conjunction with the consolidated financial statements and notes thereto included in Cisco’s most recent report on Form 10-K as it may be amended from time to time. Cisco’s results of operations for the three months ended October 24, 2015 are not necessarily indicative of Cisco’s operating results for any future periods. Any projections in these presentation slides and the related conference call are based on limited information currently available to Cisco, which is subject to change. Although any such projections and the factors influencing them will likely change, Cisco will not necessarily update the information, since Cisco will only provide guidance at certain points during the year. Such information speaks only as of the date of these presentation slides and the related conference call.

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Supplemental Materials

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Q1 FY’16 GAAP Income Statement Highlights $M (except per-share amounts and percentages) Q1 FY’15 Q4 FY’15 Q1 FY’16 $12,245 $12,843 $12,682 Product Service 9,435 2,810 9,911 2,932 9,844 2,838 Gross Margin 59.9% 60.2% 61.8% 58.5% 64.7% 59.0% 64.5% 60.9% 64.9% Operating Expenses 4,991 4,852 4,753 OPEX (% of Revenue) 40.8% 37.8% 37.5% Operating Income (% of Revenue) 19.1% 22.4% 24.3% Net Income $1,828 $2,319 $2,430 (8%) 3% 33% $0.35 $0.45 $0.48 (5%) 5% 37% Revenue Product Gross Margin Service Gross Margin Year/Year Change EPS (diluted) Year/Year Change

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Q1 FY’16 Geographic Revenue and Total Gross Margin Revenue Total Gross Margin Percentage Q4 FY’15 Q1 FY’16 $7,501 $7,801 $7,799 64.1% 62.7% 63.5% EMEA 3,002 3,110 3,087 63.8% 62.1% 64.2% APJC 1,742 1,932 1,796 58.8% 59.5% 60.0% $12,245 $12,843 $12,682 63.3% 62.1% 63.2% $M (except percentages) Americas Geographic Total Q1 FY’15 Q4 FY’15 Q1 FY’15 Q1 FY’16

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