Raising Capital 101

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by Max Gurvits Raising Capital 101

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GOAL: take away possible misconceptions about fundraising

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Do you really need it?

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For growth companies: unavoidable

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Rule no. 1: Capital is PASSIVE

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Rule no. 2: Unlike professional $$, VC $$ is not a product but TOOL

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VC for startups: Network and expertise

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VC for investors: Reward for helping business grow

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When Do You Need VC? What Kind Of VC Do You Need? Getting It

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Part 1: When Do You Need VC?

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Reality check: Are you EARNING or LEARNING?

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Money (like all resources) must be scarce at early stage

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Reason for VC: TRACTION

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No hard numbers, just indicators: 20+ recurring business/enterprise subscriptions 3x/5x in waiting list 1 distribution partnership Monthly break-even revenues

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No hard numbers, just indicators: 100,000 downloads Double-digit MoM growth

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No traction: something is wrong

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Face it, change/pivot, or get money to make problems go away

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Part 2: What VC do you need?

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SV fundraising model: Here is what we have Here is where we’re going Here is WHO we need to get there Help convince these guys and pay for them!

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Step 1: Understand your goals

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Step 2: Finding the right people

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Step 3: Finding the investors with that experience

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Scrutinize the investor market

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Part 3: Getting the check

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Step 1: Map your fundraising social graph and talk to ALL in your vertical

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Step 2: Build database of investors

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Step 3: Practice Perfect Pitch

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First pitch

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Second pitch

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Step 4: Have your docs ready

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Step 5: CLOSE

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If it didn’t work out Company not ready You suck at fundraising

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And now, the takeaways

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Takeaway 1: Build relationships with investors early on

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Takeaway 2: Choose who will lead the effort (or hire someone)

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Takeaway 3: Use your accelerator credentials wisely

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Takeaway 4: Set up your fundraising process and run it as such

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Takeaway 5: It’s like dating

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Takeaway 6: If you’re not in SV, you must be better X + 1

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Takeaway 7: Raise as much as you can and be formidable

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Not for the faint of heart: This Is SPARTA

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