Picking Companies Winners Thomas Korte @thomask

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Picking Companies Winners Thomas Korte @thomask

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120 seed investments, 15 exits - $1.1B

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12-Week High-Impact Mentorship Thomas Korte @thomask

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Thomas Korte @thomask

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“Probably the Best Accelerator Program in the U.S.”

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“Fall in love first, rationalize to get married later” Thomas Korte @thomask

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Market Team Vision Product Traction

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“If a great team meets a lousy market, it’s the markets’ reputation that stays intact” Thomas Korte @thomask

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Market & Future Market

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Team: passion, hunger, drive & “unfair advantage”

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Vision & Ambition

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Product & Product Design

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Smart, driven, charismatic founders with an unfair advantage taking on a huge market using technology as leverage – and you really like them Thomas Korte @thomask

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