Инструкции по основным требованиям безопасности (по профессии водитель)

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Презентация подготовила: преподаватель английского языка Ледовских Людмила Адамовна Инструкции по основным требованиям безопасности (по профессии водитель) Государственное образовательное учреждение среднего профессионального образования «Яшкинский техникум технологий и механизации»

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Presentation is prepared by Ledovskih L.A the teacher of the English language Instructions on general requirements of safety (driver by profession) State educational institution secondary vocational education "Jashkinsky college of technology and mechanization"

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Teaching the students to drive a car.

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The instructions in driving of the automobile only persons not younger than 18 years instructing on labor protection, - having the license car, - the corresponding category, - passed a medical examination and - no contraindications for health reasons.

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admits students who have passed the training on labor protection, medical examination and have no contraindications for the status of health. To driving instructor:

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c. the vehicle overturns d. display car out of action for violation of the rules operation Security requirements 1.While teaching students to drive a vehicle they can get the following hazards: a. the injury of hands when starting the engine starter handle( the car engine starts when the transfer – spontaneous movement of a car with faulty system). b. hitting the car with an obstacle

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2. Working clothes students should be fastened and not to reveal-to be a hindrance while driving. 3. Before starting the engine, you must check the necessary volume of engine oil, coolant and brake fluid and water in the reservoir windshield washer.

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Security requirements before you begin 1. When the engine is running using the jump arm auto the cart must be securely fastened using sanction brakes.

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2. To check the status of the cab and controls, - the vehicle must be equipped with back-pedals, - brake and clutch for the instructor, - have the calendar, - rear signs indicating that he is learning, rear view mirrors must be adjusted, the door locks should exclude the possibility of their free opening, control systems, alarm and lighting must be intact, - glass cockpit should be clean and not have cracks, - the cabin is not allowed to have foreign objects, - the vehicle must be equipped with the first aid kit, emergency sign of Parking and tool .

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3.When the vehicle engine is prohibited, find located beneath it, to hold lubricating and regulation works 4. Before boarding the car clean your shoes from the earth and snow.

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Safety requirements during operation: 1. After receiving permission of the instructor, signal, make sure that the path is free and start smoothly, drive on the specified route. 2. Forbidden to come close to moving car and to stand in his way. Approach is permitted only to stopping car. 3. Move in reverse, to make turns you need at a low speed, pre-filing a signal and convinced of the absence of interference on the way

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4. Мaintenance and repairing the electrical installations use ladders and stairs together. Ladders and steps must be tested and their lower ends are equipped with rubber or steel tips. 5. It is necessary to monitor the instruments. When you reject the testimony from the norm, when a noise and knocks you should immediately stop the vehicle and drown the engine.

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It is forbidden To go with the driving of the car and sit in it. Before you leave the vehicle, you need to put the shift lever in position and enable the Parking brake. To carry people in unequipped automobile cargo above the permissible limits. To descend from the mountain in neutral. It is necessary strictly to observe the rules of the road and the instructions of employees of traffic police.

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