Инструкции по основным требования безопасности (для профессии повар, кондитер)

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Презентация подготовила: преподаватель английского языка Ледовских Людмила Адамовна Инструкции по основным требования безопасности (для профессии повар, кондитер) Государственное образовательное учреждение среднего профессионального образования «Яшкинский техникум технологий и механизации»

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Presentation is prepared by Ledovskih L.A the teacher of the English language Instructions on general requirements of safety (for profession of the cook- confectioner) State educational institution secondary vocational education "Jashkinsky college of technology and mechanization"

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1. To the implementation of culinary operations allowed persons not younger than 18 years that have passed appropriate training, training on labor protection medical examination and have no contraindications for health reasons. Security requirements

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2. The students must follow the rules of conduct, schedule training sessions established modes of work and rest. 3. When performing culinary operations may impact on the work-melting following dangerous and harmful production factors: - hands cut with a knife; injury to the fingers, burns hot liquid or vapor or electric shock . 4. When performing culinary works should be used followed by the real overalls: cotton Bathrobe or apron and solitaire (cap).

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5. In the room for the execution of culinary operations should be Mega Pack with a set of necessary medicines and dressing materials. 6. Students are obliged to observe the rules of fire security, know the location of primary fire extinguishing means. Indoors to perform culinary operations should be extinguishers.

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7. About the accident victim or witness of an accident must immediately inform the teacher (the teacher, master), which shall inform the administration of the institution. In case of hardware failure to stop work and to inform the teacher (the master).

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8. In the process, respect the rules of wearing of protective clothing, use of individual and collective protection measures, comply with the rules of personal hygiene, to keep clean your working place. 9. Students who have committed non-fulfillment or violation of instructions on labor protection, are brought to justice.

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Security requirements before you begin 1. Wear protective clothing, hair remove under the kerchief (cap). 2. To check the serviceability of kitchen equipment and the presence of its marking. 3. To check the integrity of enamelware chipping enamel, and the absence of cracks and chips dinnerware. 4. To verify the reliability of the chassis ground of the stove, electrical appliances, the presence of dielectric mats on the floor beside them. 5. Enable exhaust ventilation.

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Safety requirements during operation 1. Before switching on the electric stove, electrical appliances get on dielectric Mat. Before switching on the table hot plates in the network to check the serviceability of the power cord and plug, set the tile on fireproof surface. Do not use electric hobs open spiral. 2. For cooking use of enameled kitchenware, not it is to use aluminum cookware and do not use plastic utensils.

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3. Be careful when cleaning vegetables. Potatoes cleaned covered knife, fish - scraper. 4. Bread, gastronomic products, vegetables and other products to cut well-edged knives for cutting boards in accordance with their labeling. 5. When working with minced meat and other products to push grinder without hands, and a special wooden pestle.

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6.Be careful when working with hand graters, reliable hold the processed products, not to process small pieces. 7. Send knives and forks each other only handles forward. 8. Food waste-interim storage to remove in the ballot box with lid. 9. Be sure that when boiling the content of tableware was poured over the edge, cover hot dishes to take a towel or tack and open from yourself. 10. The pan to put and remove from his plate.

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