Инструкции по основным требованиям безопасности (по профессии электрик)

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Презентация подготовила: преподаватель английского языка Ледовских Людмила Адамовна Инструкции по основным требованиям безопасности (по профессии электрик) Государственное образовательное учреждение среднего профессионального образования «Яшкинский техникум технологий и механизации»

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Presentation is prepared by Ledovskih L.A the teacher of the English language Instructions on general requirements of safety (electrician by profession) State educational institution secondary vocational education "Jashkinsky college of technology and mechanization"

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For independent work as an electrician allowed persons aged least 18 years that have passed appropriate training, including on a group of electrician III below, and have no contraindications for health reasons. Persons authorized to work as an electrician must undergo compulsory medical examination and instruction on labor protection.

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Persons authorized to work as an electrician, are obliged to observe the rules of the internal labor schedule, the established modes of work and rest. For maintenance of electrical installations it is possible to be the following dangerous factors: electric shock when touching the parts of the wires without the means of individual protection; also at fault isolation or grounding; injuries when falling from a height during the work with the use of ladders or stairs.

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Persons serving the electrical installations shall use personal protective dielectric gloves, a pointer voltage, tools with insulated handles, dielectric Mat. The staff is obliged -to observe the rules of fire and electrical safety, -to know the location of the primary fire-extinguishing means and disable devices (switches). The switchboard room should be equipped with carbon-dioxide fire extinguisher.

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the rules of use means of individual protection, personal hygiene, clean work space. The persons found guilty of non-fulfillment or violation of instructions on labor protection, are subjected to disciplinary liability in accordance with the rules of the internal labor schedule and, if necessary, under-hold protection. About each accident with the injured worker or accident the staff must immediately inform the institution. In the process, electrician obliged to follow

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Security requirements before you begin To prepare for the work of individual protection means: check them out service ability and external damage. ensure the availability and integrity of grounding conductors buildings serviced electrical installations. remove stress from phase electrical circuits, electrical installations, subject to service or repair, hang on the disconnecting device helpful poster "does not include - working people!"

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Safety requirements during operation Maintenance and repair of electrical equipment is produced by order(the order of the head of the institution in accordance with the list VI types of work performed in order current operation of electrostan-SAI. To attract students to maintenance and repair of electrical equipment is forbidden. Do not touch wires and other live parts under voltage, without means of individual protection.

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The presence of voltage in the network is scanned only with the pointer voltage deposits. Blown fuses replace only calibrated for the network load when de-energizing. Cleaning the lamps from dust should be undertaken: in the offices(classes) - at least twice a year, in educational workshops and sports halls at least twice a month.

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