How to Treat Arthritis Pain- 6 Different Ways

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How to Treat Arthritis Pain- 6 Different Ways

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NSAIDS is one of the most popular Western treatments for arthritis pain but their side effects may lead to ulcers as well. Never start consuming them just like that without consulting your doctor

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Some herbs that work well for treating arthritis pain are devil's claw, Bromelain, thunder god vine, stinging nettle and boswellia

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Arthritis responds pretty well to acupuncture. Even more, when combined with moxa, it can offer great relief and reduce the inflammation quickly

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All kinds of arthritis, exercising regularly is very important. It keeps the body warm and gets the qi as well as blood flowing through meridians.

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Extra weight puts a lot more pressure on the joints particularly the hips, feet and knees.

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Surgery can become a necessity if damage to the joints is severe and other treatments have failed reducing the pain.

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