Our Treatment methods will help you have a healthier life.

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Our Treatment methods will help you have a healthier life.

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Back Pain Treatment When you feel pain, it is really a reaction to signals transmitted throughout your body. These signals are sent from the pain source -- such as a sore back, through the nerves in the spinal cord, and up to the brain, where they are perceived as pain.

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Different Types of Pain The origin of some pain is neuropathic, while other pain is nociceptive. This is important to know because different treatments work better for each type of pain. Neuropathic Nociceptive Chronic Acute

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Spine Surgery Back surgery or spine surgery is needed when spinal nerves are compressed, causing numbness along the back of your leg. Types Spine Surgery Diskectomy.  Laminectomy.  Fusion.  Vertebroplasty.  Artificial disks.

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Remedies for back pain Back surgery is not always the solution for back pain but for other severe condition of the back it is the only solution. Some of the alternative remedies for back pain are acupuncture, epidural injections, manipulating and massaging your back and anti-inflammatory medicines.

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