Billing Analysis

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Billing Analysis Taino Consultants Inc. Dr. Jose I. Delgado

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Basic Issue Cost Effectiveness of outsourcing billing Variables under consideration Costs Center Efficiency

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Variables Under Consideration Human Resources Hardware and Software Claims Processing

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Human Resources * http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes433021.htm

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Hardware and Software

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Claims Processing

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In house Billing Costs

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Outsource Costs

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Cost Comparison

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Other Issues to Consider Staff turnover Priority of billing versus other tasks Expertise and experience Collection rate In-house 96.3% Outsource 99% Liability and Compliance Outsourcing Risks

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Summary Outsourcing is more cost effective Research company before outsourcing Not all billing companies created equal Verify key issues Collection rate Compliance actions ICD 10 readiness Certified Coders

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