Pharmaceutical Emerging Markets

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Pharmaceutical Emerging Markets Impact on Global Pharmaceutical Market 2012-2013 Emergpharma Pannel Preliminary Results More information: www.emergpharma.com

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Global Pharmaceutical Market 2011-2013 (bn USD) Source: Emergpharma Pannel

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Emerging Markets (bn USD) +3% +17% Source: Emergpharma Pannel

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Developed Markets(bn USD) +2% -7% Source: Emergpharma Pannel

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Market Growth 2013 (bn USD by Segment) +25,3 +4,6 -8,1 Source: Emergpharma Pannel

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Top 12 Pharma in Global Market Novartis, Pfizer, Merck, Sanofi, GSK, Roche, Astra, J&J, Abbvie, Teva, Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim +3% -1% Source: Emergpharma Pannel

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Pharma Top 12 in Global, Developed and Emerging Markets Source: Emergpharma Pannel

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Market Growth Drivers 2013 Source: Emergpharma Pannel

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Summary Global Pharmaceutical market grew 2% in 2013 although Developed and Emerging Markets played a very different role While EM delivered 30 bn USD of additional revenues, DM reduced sales more than 8 bn USD Within Developed Markets, EU dropped 16 bn USD (-7%) versus 2012 while USA, Canada, Japan and other APAC developed markets grew at an average of 2% In Emerging Markets, BRIC contributed more than 80% to growth, meaning 25 bn USD, while rest of Pharmerging represented nearly 5 additional billion Top 12 Pharmaceutical Companies represent 39% of Global Pharmaceutical Market in 2013 with much stronger position in Developed Markets (42,5%) than in Emerging Markets (27%) In 2013 MS of Top 12 declined in both market segments, but while in DM decrease was 0,8%, in EM nearly doubled (-1,5%) While more than 80% of Market Growth is delivered by Emerging Markets, Big Pharma is strongly losing MS on this Market Segment Source: Emergpharma Pannel