The Worldwide HCP Social Media Study

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Digital Opinion Leaders in Diabetes The Worldwide HCP Social Media Study Daniel Ghinn, Creation Healthcare @EngagementStrat Special Event Edition with Exclusive Pharma Insights

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Diabetes in 2013-14 The global burden and threat of NCDs constitutes a major public health challenge that undermines social and economic development throughout the world… World Health Organization, Global Action Plan for the Prevention & Control of Noncommunicable Diseases 2013-2020 By the end of 2013, diabetes will have caused 5.1 million deaths and cost USD 548 billion in healthcare spending. Without concerted action to prevent diabetes, in less than 25 years’ time there will be 592 million people living with the disease. Most of those cases would be preventable. International Diabetes Federation, IDF Diabetes Atlas, 6th Edition, 2013 Diabetes is a huge and growing problem, and the costs to society are high and escalating.

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Learning from Healthcare Professionals A distilled view of public social media conversations 70M+ websites Full Twitter ‘Firehose’ feed All major social media >100,000 verified healthcare professional (HCP) sources covering websites & social media

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8,189,534 People connected to HCPs in the study 47,875 HCPs connected to diabetes conversation 205,889 HCP Tweets & posts about diabetes 19,068 HCP authors in study 189,402 HCP Tweets about diabetes 16,896 HCPs Tweeting about diabetes Big Data: impact of Healthcare Professionals

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Most conversation is about Type 2 Diabetes n=27,017 Most HCP conversation about diabetes does not refer explicitly to a diabetes type, but implies Type 2.

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>300 HCP Roles

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Top 15 HCP roles by share of voice of >300 HCP roles in study

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>200,000 posts; 19,000 HCPs in >125 countries n=16,896

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HCP networks within networks n=16,896

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Most influential endocrinologists – virtual network

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Relationship matters Relationship matters A virtual professional network connected by diabetes Endocrinologists discussing diabetes online

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HCP: Activism for patients Partha Kar is also the most engaged HCP by peers in diabetes Activating

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Multi-dimensional data

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Time & role: what the data tells us

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Global diabetes timeline The story told by HCPs in social media All HCP conversation

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Global diabetes timeline: Roles Endocrinologists

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News: Fall in diabetes-related deaths “Good news: the risk of dying early due to diabetes has been greatly reduced! … The treatment helps!” 17-23 June 2013 Physician, Researcher & Writer Norway Optimistic

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News: Fall in diabetes-related deaths – sceptics? 17-23 June 2013 General Practitioner & Blogger UK Questioning Sceptical

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Global diabetes timeline: Roles Endocrinologists

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News: Roche halts trial of diabetes drug 8-14 July 2013 Frustrated

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News: Roche halts trial of diabetes drug – mixed reactions 8-14 July 2013 Indifferent Concerned

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Global diabetes timeline: Roles Endocrinologists

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Global diabetes timeline: Roles Leadership roles

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Global diabetes timeline: Roles Neurosurgeons

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Global diabetes timeline: Roles Registered Nurses

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Global diabetes timeline: Roles Dieticians

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Multi-dimensional data

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Time & topics: what the data tells us

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Global diabetes timeline: Topics by patient age group HCP conversation about all diabetes topics

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USPSTF backs universal diabetes testing for pregnant women “Interesting that the US Preventive Services Task force now recommends what has been the standard of care for years.” 13-19 January 2014 Supportive Frustrated Cynical Interpreting

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Diabetes testing for pregnant women - Japan “Doctor Song Mingyuan said that there were some gynaecologists who didn’t do their jobs properly, such as not conducting examinations for gestational diabetes, and it’s true. We recently got someone from a place like this, which does so little pregnancy examinations, it’s ridiculous. For blood samples, all they do for early stage examinations is check for infectious diseases and do a red blood cell count, and then for mid stage examinations, they just check for casual blood glucose. And then they just go home. Come on, seriously, stop it.” 13-19 January 2014 Frustrated

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Multi-dimensional data

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Place & topics: what the data tells us

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Geography matters Key topics around prevention, diagnosis & management vary by country

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Diabetes in multiple dimensions

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Insights for Pharma

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HCPs who talk about diabetes and pharma brands

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HCP mentions of pharmaceutical companies & products HCP conversation about all diabetes topics 300 200 100

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HCP roles discussing GSK products over time 300 200 100

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GSK & products global picture – map of HCPs

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GSK examples Sensational Alarmed Sharing Shocked? Balancing

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Avandia FDA review – live updates via social media Highlighting Observing Observing Sensational Sharing Frustrated

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Avandia – the feedback Warning Encouraging Warning Warning

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Reaction turns more positive Supportive Supportive Hopeful Empathetic Encouraging

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Changing attitudes in HCP conversation 300 200

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