What Long-Term Care Insurance Will Pay For

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What Long-Term Care Insurance Will Pay For

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1. In-home nursing care A popular misconception is that long-term care insurance will only pay for care in a nursing home In fact, your daily benefit can be used for in-home nursing care So, long-term care insurance can actually keep you out of a nursing home

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2. Occupational, speech, physical, and rehabilitation therapy If you elect in-home care, your daily benefit can be used to pay for these specialists

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3. Help with personal care Your benefit can also be used to hire help with personal care activities, such as Bathing Dressing Cleaning Cooking

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4. Adult “day care” Also known as “adult day services” Most centers operate for 10-12 hours per day Provide health, nutritional, and social services, as well as group activities (like exercise) Wikipedia/ Tim Ross

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5. Hospice care For chronically and terminally ill patients, long-term care insurance can be used for hospice care wikipedia/ angusmclellan

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6. Respite care Respite care provides short-term breaks for family members caring for relatives Has been shown to be good for the well being of family members, as well as a positive experience for the patient Long-term care insurance can be used for respite caregiver Flickr/ Fairfax County

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7. Alzheimer’s care facilities Long-term care insurance can be used to pay for a specialized living facility for Alzheimer’s patients Wikipedia/ 7mike5000

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8. Assisted living facilities For seniors capable of independent living with some assistance, long-term care insurance can pay for an assisted living facility Services include Meals Housekeeping Laundry Health/exercise programs Transportation Social activities Flickr/ Michael D Martin

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9. Nursing homes Finally, long-term care insurance was created to help pay for a nursing home, and can still do so Nursing homes provide continual nursing care for individuals who can’t care for themselves Flickr/ Stephen Craven

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