IoT in Healthcare

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IoT in Healthcare The Barco Healthcare Case Kurt Pattyn, Software Architect at Barco Pieter Moulaert, Team Leader at Barco Dick Dijkstra, Technical Specialist Azure at Microsoft

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Barco Healthcare

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2 Where you’ll find Barco in your healthcare facility Barco products help medical personnel throughout the healthcare enterprise by: Boosting clinical performance Streamlining workflow Enhancing diagnostic confidence Supporting inter-disciplinary collaboration THE RESULT: improved health outcomes.

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Diagnostic Displays Used for diagnosis Strongly regulated MSQA, JESRA, DIN, AAPM TG18 Stringent image quality requirements ~ Time is money Meaningful use

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Review Displays Used by specialists Responsible to determine treatment Medium image quality requirements Anti-bacterial

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Surgical Displays Used in Operating Room Stringent EMC requirements Stringent uptime requirements Medium image quality reqs Anti-bacterial

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Image Distribution Digital OR IP-based image distribution Stringent uptime requirements Stringent EMC requirements

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Bed-side Terminals Patient infotainment Access Point for doctors and nurses Anti-bacterial Stringent EMC requirements

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Healthcare & IoT = ?

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The IoT Use Case Guard Image Quality According regulations (DIN, JESRA, …) According hospital QA policies Guard Lifetime Minimum luminance Warranty periods Guard Uptime Predictive failure analysis Predictive quality analysis

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The IoT Use Case Remote Control Manual calibration Remote diagnosis Compliance Reporting Provide the required regulatory reporting Guarantee archiving Centralized access for auditing purposes

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IoT Healthcare Context Stringent Privacy Regulations cfr. HIPAA Stringent Security Requirements Strictly locked down access to the internet, if at all No inbound connections Certified workstation and device configuration No (automatic) updates: needs recertification Very strict configuration management

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IoT Healthcare Context Stringent Development Requirements IEC 62304 Stringent Data Import and Export Regulations e.g. China - data cannot enter nor leave the country Germany is working on a similar legislation European Union - Safe Harbor Principles

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As a result... Devices cannot be connected directly to the internet Limits choices of protocols (e.g. AMQP, MQTT) No inbound connections Data cannot be stored in one central location Decentralised architecture required Data gathering & distribution must obey to regional laws Sensitive information must be maximally protected Userid/password

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Some Numbers Support for 1.5M devices Growing from 65K to 1.5M in 10 years Expected data growth: 2TB/year Growing from 60GB/yr to 2TB/yr in 10 years Available in 100 countries Available in all continents Growing from 1 data center location to 5 or more

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Technical Choices "We are not an IT company!" Microsoft Azure MongoDB

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Microsoft Azure Trusted by our customers Google is not trusted Data center in China Grow as needed Certifications http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/support/trust-center/compliance/ HIPAA Business Associate Agreement Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP)

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Microsoft Azure (cont'd) On-Premise Solutions ServiceBus, A/D, WebService (+ iisnode), … Not available with Amazon Integration with existing IT infrastructure Federation, ACS Worry-free maintenance and perimeter security Cloud-services maintained and updated by Azure Perimeter security handled by Azure (war games)

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Microsoft Azure (cont'd) IoT Device Gateway Microsoft's answer for the booming IoT market Still in development Very supportive team (thanks Dick!) The 'new' Microsoft

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MongoDB NoSQL Document Database Heterogeneous device information Heterogeneous reporting information Heterogeneous quality and telemetry information Distributed by design Failover and replication Data close to the consumer (sharding) Unlimited scalability

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MongoDB (cont'd) Grow as needed On-Premise And Cloud Service Solution Worry-free maintenance MongoDB Inc. sets up, monitors, backs up and restores databases Detection of low-performing queries 24/7 support, with 15 minute reaction time

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MongoDB (cont'd) Support for 'real-time' data analysis No need to copy data into a data warehouse Includes Map-Reduce framework Very supportive team (thanks Arthur!)

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IoT & Microsoft

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Transform data into business information and insight 2 A service centric solution

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Canonical IoT Architecture 24 Presentation and action Data analytics Long term storage Data repository Transformation Batching/storage adapters Collection Scalable Event Processor Field Gateways Producers

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Selecting the right components 25 Buy Build Buy Some, Build Some Focus on Business Result and Time To Value Mix and Match Custom protocols & security models Custom analytics and data processing Core Competency in building software & Services Focus on flexibility & control Strategic investment in service platform

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Microsoft Azure-based IoT Ecosystem 26 System or Platform Builder: “I want fine grained control over solutions I build.” IT Line of Business Manager or Product Business Development Manager: “I want a wide choice of solutions that are differentiated by business vertical, by cost and by provider.” System Integrator or Solution Builder: “I want to build solutions that I can bring to market quickly.” Azure Services Collection Service Bus Event Hub Transformation Machine Learning HDInsight Storage Tables BLOBS SQL Azure Presentation Websites 3rd Party IoT SaaS Solutions 3rd Party IoT Abstractions 3rd Party IoT SaaS Solutions Intelligent Systems Service Device Registry, rules, data mgmt/egress, per device billing, system integration Intelligent System Service Device Operator Portal 3rd Party IoT SaaS Solutions 3rd Party Microsoft

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Provisioning Service and Metadata Store Telemetry Protocol support Telemetry Pump and Adapters Command Gateway Service Bus Messaging Custom Protocol Gateway Host MQTT CoAP … Telemetry/Request Router Notification/Command Router Adapters Command API Host Provisioning Service Device Metadata and Key Store HDInsight BizTalk Orleans Azure Storage Azure Dbs Service Bus HTTP Devices AMQP 2 3 1 Configuration HTTP Device Gateway: Architecture overview 4

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Scaling Strategy

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