State of the US Healthcare Industry 2014 And Its Impact on Health Stakeholders

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State of the US Healthcare Industry 2014 And Its Impact on Health Stakeholders A Story Told Through the Assembly of AWESOME Industry Info-Graphics Compiled from the Internet by Dr. Susan Dorfman October 2014

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2014: Year of Health Care Reform Source: http://healthworkscollective.com/88651/what-health

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Half Empty or Half Full?

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Healthcare Reform Is Multi-Faceted

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It Was Meant To Solve the Access Crisis Source: Commonwealth Fund

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The Uninsured Rate Fell By 5% Source: http://www.gallup.com/poll/167798/uninsured-rate-continues-fall.aspx

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It Was Geared to Help Improve the Physician Shortage www.bizjournals.com

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… Source: http://content.healthaffairs.org/content/32/11/1933.abstract

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It Was Geared to Address Quality Improvements, Data Sharing & Costs HITECH Act Source: http://www.aafp.org/news/practice-professional-issues/20140822healthaffehrstudy.html Source: https://www.meditech.com/magazine/pages/0514_Achieve-HIMSS-Stage7-add-to-EHR-savings.htm Source: http://www.physicianspractice.com/technology-survey/2014-technology-survey-results

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It Was Geared to Improve Patient Literacy and Engagement HITECH Act Source: http://www.nationalehealth.org/patient-engagement-framework

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And Considered Moving From “Physician Accountability/Patient Engagement” to… “Physician Engagement/Patient Accountability”

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It Even Focused on Greater Transparency Sources: http://www.policymed.com/physician-payment-sunshine-act/ http://www.cesareanrates.com/blog/2012/9/14/the-institute-of-medicine-improve-transparency.html

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It Impacted What We Do and the Relationships We Keep Source: http://projects.propublica.org/docdollars/companies

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…and In Many Ways It Gave Rise To Healthcare Consumerism www.thehealthcareblog.com

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Love It, Or Hate It… There’s One Thing We’ll All Agree With

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Future Healthcare Business Models Will Be Forever Changed As a Result www.insurancethoughtleadership.com

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As Will the Future Provisioning of Care sites.mckesson.com

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Healthcare Transparency Will Be At the Center of Care

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…As Will Health Consumerism and the Patient Experience www.mdgadvertising.com

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The Human Side of Care

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The New ePatient Journey www.google.com

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We Will See More HCPs Overextended, and Added Patients Unable To Get Access

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So the Future of Care Will Evolve Beyond the Live Visit: mHealth www.xcubelabs.com

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The Patient Will Be Much More Connected www.mdgadvertising.com

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As Will Their Care Provider(s) www.google.com

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We Will Also See Big Demands on Big Data

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We Will See More HCP Consolidation

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And New Payment Models For Care Delivery

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The Future of Care for Pharma = New Business Models www.forbes.com

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The Future of Care for Pharma: Uncovering New Opportunities

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The Future of Care for Pharma: Extreme-Transparency

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The Future of Care For Pharma = Building Trust With Consumers, Patients and HCPs www.teletech.com

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The Future of Care For Pharma: Changing Focus on Stakeholders and Value Optimization

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The Future of Care For Pharma = Going Beyond the Pill social.eyeforpharma.com

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info.ximedica.com The Future of Care For Pharma: Redefining Healthcare Delivery

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The Future of Care for Pharma Is Integration With Healthcare Management

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The Future of Care For Pharma: Building a Partner Ecosystem americas.tunstall.com

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The Future of Care for Pharma: Big Data = Accountability + Opportunity www.healthbusinessconsult.com

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What Does This All Mean? Our Chance To Do Things Better!

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