5 Home Remedies for Gingivitis To Relieve You

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5 Home Remedies for Gingivitis To Relieve You

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#1 Brushing That’s right. Brushing can actually help. Bacteria that thrives on the plaque sneaks in between your teeth and gums causing the painful infection.

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#2 Flossing Often food particles and plaque buildup in the areas between two teeth. These are places your brush cannot reach. However, when you floss, you are cleaning up even these small crevices. This only decreases the chance of bacterial growth and spread!

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#3 Green Tea Green tea actually helps you cure Gingivitis and contain the symptoms. Just prepare green tea using tea leaves and hot water. Or, you can also apply it using a toothbrush.

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#4 Cranberry juice Cranberry juice also has strong anti-bacterial qualities. However, for this remedy, you need pure unsweetened cranberry juice – as any added sugar will worsen the gingivitis.

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#5 Triphala Decoction Gargle Here’s another home remedy – but one you need to make ahead and store. You store it in the form of coarse powder. You need to rub 1 tbsp of it over the affected part of the teeth and gum with a brush or your fingers.

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Know More Natural Remedies For Gingivitis here : www.dentority.com/how-to-stop-gingivitis-and-plaque-in-their-tracks/6-HOME-REMEDIES-for-gingivitis-that-will-bring-you-relief