Patient Safety and Social Media

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Patient Safety and Social Media Dr Helgi Johannsson (@traumagasdoc) Dr Anne Marie Cunningham (@amcunningham)

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Social Media

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“My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government.” President Obama, Jan 21st, 2009

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The rise of open?

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Telling Stories Wrongfooted

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Thoughts? Patient confidentiality? What is the purpose of sharing stories? What could go wrong? How should trust management respond to staff sharing a story?

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Asking questions

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“fill in incident report, often get email back from lead for clinical risk within hours! Sometimes problem fixed within a day.”

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“If you're understaffed, you don't have time to report. If you do, you generally never find out what the response was.”

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“incident form. Gets ignored. So don't fill out any more forms. Speak to management. Get ignored. Move on”

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How would you feel if your trainee/colleague said this? How would you respond? Which questions can we ask?

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Whose agenda? #107days #justiceforLB

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“Sadly, since the publication of the independent report the Trust has been subject to trolling on Twitter, a number of staff have been directly targeted and have felt intimidated by the Twitter traffic, we are aware of at least one staff member’s account having been hacked and a bogus Trust Twitter account set up.”

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“We should be clear that there is absolutely no evidence that Sara Ryan is personally responsible for this trolling, hacking or intimidation but there are clearly some people who wish to use this case inappropriately.”

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How easy is it to listen on social media? How should we respond?

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The future? Closing thoughts