Walking Is Work: Don’t Call It A Break

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Walking Is Work: Don’t Call It A Break Beth Kanter, Master Trainer, Blogger, Author, and Speaker June 10, 2014 Nonprofit Bootcamp

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People are sitting 9.3 hours a day, which is more than we’re sleeping, at 7.7 hours It’s harmful to your health ….

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Beth 399 I Know from Direct Experience Healthy Range >150 Triglycerides: Test Results

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Too Much of This

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And That Too …

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Made A Commitment To Walk and Eat Better

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Dashboard To Collect Data Connected To Goals

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99 Triglycerides: Test Results

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Where do you find the time in your day?

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Walking is Work Don’t Call It A Break!

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Walking: The Killer App for Creativity and Problem Solving

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Leaders Put On Their Walking Shoes ”For me, walking has proved to be a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle, while facilitating my communications skills and leadership efforts.“  Louis Sullivan, HHS Secretary 89-93

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How To Integrate Walking Into Work Recognize when you are not productive sitting and take a five minute walk around your office, stretch Incorporate 30 minute walk at lunch Meet for walks, not coffee or lunch or drinks Walking meetings with your team Don’t think of walking as “exercise” think of it as time to think about challenge of work Walking commute to work, if possible or park far away or get off bus a stop early

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Walking As Part of Conferences and Workshops

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Nonprofits and Walking Meetings

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It’s Your Turn Now! Find a walking buddy Line up We are going to walk for 15 minutes in a line Discuss: What did you learn from today? What will you apply? More about walking at work: http://www.bethkanter.org/category/walking/