“Whey”ing the Options: 4 Facts About Whey Protein Supplements

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“Whey”ing the Options: 4 Facts About Whey Protein Supplements

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here are some facts about whey protein we have to be aware about:

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Whey is the byproduct of cheese, making it a dairy product full of protein. They can also trigger lactose intolerance, so basically we should stay away from these if dairy irritates our bodies.

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Since whey is a complete protein, it has all the amino acids we need in a daily diet. Amino acids are what help our bodies repair tissue and heal wounds.

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Aside from bodybuilders, whey can also help the elderly with the usual protein deficiency that comes with ageing. ? with whey supplements, the elderly can have all the benefits of calorie restriction without having to follow that very strict regime.

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? Whey supplements can also provide sufficient protein for people experiencing significant growth. These people are adolescents, pregnant women, and children.

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