Health Psychology and Public Health: a necessary collaboration 11th September 2014 Jim McManus Director of Public Health, Hertfordshire

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Health Psychology and Public Health: a necessary collaboration 11th September 2014 Jim McManus Director of Public Health, Hertfordshire

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Strategic Context Three important implications The public policy agenda is moving to health and social care integration across the UK The Prevention agenda in an era of financial austerity needs to come to the fore Paucift

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Some premises We face an epidemiological crisis of long term conditions and increasing preventable morbidity, disability and mortality We face significant increasing costs in secondary care Primary care struggling to cope with volumes Self management, self care, healthy lives important Public Health struggling to find what works This is a space into which health psychology can and must speak

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Complexity of public health Neither purely behavioural/individual nor purely social/structural solutions seem to give us the desired outcome Need to work at a range of levels from behavioural and biological to legislative and policy How can health psychology speak value into each level?

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The Marmot Agenda – a major contribution for health psychology Marmot Policy Objectives Give every child the best start in life Enable all to maximise capabilities and have control over their lives Create fair employment and good work for all Ensure healthy standard of living for all Create and develop healthy and sustainable places and communities Strengthen the role and impact of ill-health prevention Health Psychology What skills can help the public sector deliver these? What programmes and techniques and interventions can we offer?

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1. articulation of the scientific and policy agenda for health psychology’s role in PH If you could do one thing (2014) was the first step of a British Academy articulation of what social sciences can do in Public Health. (Michael Marmot asked for this) Time for the Health Psychology one!

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2. Articulate the value of Health Psychology skills to PH Divisional leaflet A brief introductory book? Networks – the LinkedIn network already running, others developing Work with the Faculty of Public Health and UK Public Health Register and PHE on training programme content Development of an e-learning module on health psychology for public health

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3. Articulate the value of health psychology skills to PH Some demonstration projects Things which will provide value across Older people Social care Young people Chronic diseases

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4. Understand what PH skills can do for health psychology HealthPsychs already have systematic reviewing skills, what about some epidemiology or healthcare public health (working with clincians to improve quality) skills from PH domains, which help us apply core Health Psych skills

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5. Research National Institute for Health Research is making more and more calls for psychology and behavioural research in public health. We should see this as success. Numerous calls about to come out this year. Jim McM sits on NIHR Public Health Advisory Board…do we have other links?

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The Benefits : An Example The policy agenda aspires that a preventive approach in social care should bring the following benefits: Less people in residential care More people independent Longer Life, Better Living Less costs to NHS and Social Care Fewer costs to GPs for those with long term conditions and disabilities If this is even possible,PH cannot do it without psychological science 11

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Next Steps BPS now has a (nascent) cross divisional network in applied psychology in public health. Network open to all members. We hope to have an event before Christmas Division should be strong focus in this Univ of Hertfordshire holding conference on social sciences in public health in 2015 DHP hold one day symposium on Health Psych in PH to get us started?

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Jim promises to be here next time