Hair Care Tips for Dry and Oily Hair

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Hair Care Tips for Dry and Oily Hair Everyone desire to have beautiful hair. Taking care of them might be easy for someone while it might be difficult for others; it all depends on hair type. Supported by: http://www.dermatocare.com

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Dry Hair Dry hair appears dull and dry due to lack of moisture and protein. They are very difficult to comb and manage. Any age people can undergo with the problem of dry hair.

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Causes of Dry and Unhealthy Hair Prolonged illness Heredity problem Cuticle damage Excessive washing of hair with harsh shampoos Dry and hot climate (dry air) Malnutrition Over use of blow dryers Frequent use of hair products Exposure to Sun Swimming in chlorinated water Lack of moisture in hair Dehydration

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Signs and Symptoms Dull ,Unmanageable and rough hair Lack of luster and shine Tangled hair Split ends Hair breakage

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Tips for Controlling Dry Hair Shampoo your hair once or twice in a week. Apply moisturizing shampoos and conditioners formulated for dry, damaged hair. Avoid the use of hairdryers, curling irons, straightener etc. Treat your hair with a deep conditioner every time you wash your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair. Dry your hair with a thick, absorbent towel. Apply Serum for finishing touch. Don’t use hot water; rinse your hair with Luke warm water. Avoid combing wet hair. Drink adequate amount of water throughout the day Eat healthy diet that contain fresh fruit and vegetables

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One can easily nourish and revitalize dry, dull hair with the help of homemade remedies. Coconut and olive oil are considered to be effective home remedies for dry hair.

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Oily Hair This type of hair produces excessive oil and develops oily appearance. Dust and dirt easily stick on this hair type.

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Causes of Oily/ Greasy Hair People with oily skin suffer from greasy hair Excessive use of hair care products leads to a buildup that leads to oily hair. Poor hair hygiene Hormonal imbalance Unhealthy diet; full of fatty, oily foods Over brushing Pollution Hereditary

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Signs and Symptoms Hair become limp and oily Itchy scalp Smell gross Hair looks duller and lifeless. Cause Hair fall

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Tips for Controlling Oily Hair Clean your hair every other day. Use specially formulated shampoo Massage the scalp gently and leave the lather on for at least 2-3 minutes before rinsing. Skip the use conditioner Take supplements that contain vitamin A,E and zinc for better health of your hair. Avoid excessive sun exposure Avoid processed food and include green leafy vegetables, whole grains, cereals and fruit in your diet.

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Apple cider vinegar and Aloevera can be best home remedies to combat oily hair. They helps to get rid of dead skin cells, relieve an itchy scalp and restore shine. To know more about hair care visit : www.dermatocare.com