Treating Depression With Hypnosis- Does It Work?

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Treating Depression With Hypnosis- Does It Work?

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Depression has become the order of the day for the majority. There are many life complications today that lead to such an illnesses; from the unpaid bills, to the loss of loved ones and jobs, to the social prejudices.

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Many are unable to deal with high levels of stress either due to lack of skills to do so or because of the gravity of the issue leading to stress. Depressed people are unproductive in life and may be burdensome to the society.

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They may also suffer from other health complications such as hypertension. More so, they could resort to self destructive habits such as alcohol and substance abuse, and in the extreme cases attempt suicide.

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Finding the Best Solution for Depression-Hypnosis Fortunately, it is possible to treat depression; regardless of the causes or the degree of the illness. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is through hypnosis.

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This involves use of imagery and suggestion so that positive change is achieved by the depressed people. A relaxed mental state is achieved as one follows the suggestions of the hypnotist.

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For instance, a suggestion can be made about you drinking a cup of tea. The depressed person will taste the tea and get the energetic feeling that one gets after taking any cup of tea. All this while, the depressed person is aware that the whole process is imagery and not the reality.

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Hypnosis works by enabling individuals to distract their attention from the stressful things happening around their lives. They are able to focus on relaxing activities and hence heal in the process.

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Essentially, they are able to cope with all the stressful issues surrounding them. It helps one to be unstuck from the painful trail of thoughts and hence embrace better thoughts and activities that will benefit their life.

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Once individuals achieve the state of relaxation, the power of suggestion is utilized. These suggestions are meant to affirm the depressed so that they can begin to look at life differently.

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For instance, suggestions such as’ I am in control of my life’ can help to affirm a person who has no sense of worth and feels hopeless in life.

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Is Hypnosis Meant For Everyone? An individual should be willing to go through the whole procedure because the hypnotist cannot force them to do anything. Further, the depressed has to trust the service provider for them to start receiving the help they need.

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Children have the tendency to respond to this method than adults because they do not struggle with trust issues as the adults do. Still, the procedure may not be for everyone depending on the levels or types of depression one is suffering from.

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With hypnosis, it is possible to: Find better ways of dealing with stressful situations. One can find means of dealing with issues that may crop up in the future in a positive manner.

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To identify some of the triggers -that have contributed to their depressed state. These triggers could have been repressed memories.

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Find a way of facing the painful realities of life. In every sense of it, hypnosis is worth considering if you or your loved one is going through depression. It is wise to consult a skilled and experienced hypnotherapist in order to achieve the best results.

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