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INTRODUCTION Why you should donate blood? Health benefits of blood donation Blood donation eligibility How much blood can be taken? Instruction to blood donors Blood type & matches Conclusion

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Why You Should Donate Blood? There is no substitute for Blood. Every 3 seconds someone needs a blood transfusion! Your donation will help save the life of up to 3 people! Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person — The Gift of Life.

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Health Benefits of Blood Donation The Joy of Saving Human Lives! Reduce the risk of Heart Diseases! Reduces the risk of Cancer! Free Health Check Up!

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Blood Donation Eligibility Be in good general health and feeling well. Be at least 17-years-old. Weigh at least 50kg. Not have donated blood in the last 56 days

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wholeblood platelets Double red cells plasma Every 56 days Every 7 days,upto 24 times a year Every 28 days ,upto 13 times a year Every 112 days,upto 3 times a year

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How much blood can be taken? Our body has 5.5 litre of blood of which only 350 ml - 450 ml of blood is taken The withdrawn blood volume is restored within 24 hours & haemoglobin and cell components are restored in 2 months it is safe to donate blood every three months.

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Instructions to blood donors before blood donation Take light refreshment / food before blood donation. (2 hours before) Person who has consumed alchocol should avoid giving blood for next 24 hours. Person who had recent attack of infection like Jaundice, Typhoid, Malaria, Rubella, etc., should not give blood. Person who had undergone major surgery should avoid blood donation for 6 months.

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Blood type & Matches

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CONCLUSION One thing is clear-donating blood has many benefits to the donor as well as the recipient. So, if you want to pick up a healthy habit, head over to your local blood center and give the gift of life.

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I give blood… will you? THANK YOU…