The Guide to Converting Pharmacy Ideas into an Online Tool

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Digital Leadership: How to be at the forefront of digital transformation Entrepreneurship: How to grow a remarkable online ecosystem, business and sales, Education: Learning the skills of Digital Strategy, Business Planning & Entrepreneurship Hello, I’m Doyle Buehler #OwnOnline

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Welcome! Admin Stuff Slide deck on Slideshare http://bit.ly/doylebuehler22 Washrooms at the back?? ?

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I’m Giving Away A Paperback Copy of My Book on Digital Leadership - “The Digital Delusion: How To Overcome The Misguidance & Misinformation Online” For the BEST Question OR Your BIGGEST Challenge of Online Just Tweet! @doylebuehler #ownonline The Book on Digital Leadership for Businesses

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Online Ain’t What It Used To Be

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No Silver Bullets

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Not Just About Selling Pills Online…

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What Am I Here To Talk About? Help you understand the babble of Online Help you find the focus with online for your pharmacy Help you action what you need to do Help you implement

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What You Will Find Out Today What may be holding you back with digital/online What you can do differently than other pharmacists How to build a blueprint for a strong digital ecosystem for your pharmacy

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Ready to Get Started? #ownonline

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How I spent $250,000+ on a website #ownonline

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The PAIN of Online Business No Real Community No Real Leads No Real Sales No Real Profit No KNOWN Results Just COST-COST-COST

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What Happens When Nobody Likes You?

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Online Is Not Easy #ownonline

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So, What ABOUT Digital Leadership? Are You Ready to #ownonline

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Still Fighting Fires With Online?

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Get The Right Tools #ownonline

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Wake UP! Your Audience Awaits!

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It’s Not Just About The “Like”, the “cool” Website, the social profile; It’s MORE About the CONVERSATION #ownonline

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“Just because they are not actively shopping, doesn’t mean they will never buy from you!” The Problem With “Online” For Pharmacists? Effective Digital Leadership is about being able to move people into your own conversion/sales/lead funnels… NOT just about a single transactional sale

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It’s About Your Online Purpose NOT JUST YOUR PROFILE To Deliver TRUE value to your audience To Create your “selling value” To move them into your OWN digital ecosystem to continue the conversation To show your leadership, your authority #ownonline

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INFLUENCE To ACTION Move your “audience” to your own lists and own pages. Not just about “engagement” About INFLUENCE WIIFM?

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HOT Seat What Is Your Experience With “ONLINE”? What Has Happened To You With Your Pharmacy? Email doyle@thedigitaldelusion.com

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Are YOU Ready To Build Your Digital Leadership?

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Authority & Awareness Brand Credibility & Relevance Does your audience know you exist?

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Influence & Inspiration Brand “active” audience About “you”!

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Knowledge & Expertise Expertise in your industry/niche Combining all the elements of digital media

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You Too Can Be ONE! Only $49.95

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You Need TO DEMONSTRATE Authority & Awareness Influence & Inspiration Knowledge & Expertise

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No, You Don’t Need To Be A… Ninja Guru Yogi Supreme Leader Just a Pharmacist that wants to grow their audience and sales, by creating an environment that your audience ENJOYS.

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This Is Digital Leadership How To Articulate & Organise Your Value To Your Audience “What’s In It For Me?”

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WHAT VALUE Is Your Audience Going to Receive?

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What VALUE Are You Going To Deliver?

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Your DIGITAL Strategy – The WHY? What are you “about”? What is your value (WIIFM)? How does digital “fit” across your online ecosystem? Your Content Strategy – WHAT? Your Stories Your Value Conveying your value & stories Your Customer Personas The ONLY 2 Things You Need To START With

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The Digital Reality Most pharmacy businesses do not have a digital strategy. Most businesses do not use a digital strategy. Most businesses do not know how to create a digital strategy. A strategy is relatively easy to decide upon and put into place. “Having a simple strategy, and utilising it, will put you ahead of most pharmacists, including your competitors”

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Strategy Questions What are we “about”? __________________ What do we do best? ___________________ What makes it work? ___________________ What VALUE are you going to Deliver – Today? “Tomorrow”? Next Year? ________________ Email doyle@thedigitaldelusion.com

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Next Steps “Distill” Your core concepts from answers Create your three core “themes” or Domains of Your brand value Your community value Your product & content value

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Case Study - RedBull What are they about? Excitement Entertainment “Energy” Value? Become a better person More motivated “Adrenalized”

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Implementing Your Strategy People Understand your audience WIIFM Objectives What are you trying to achieve? Why? Create relevance to your audience Value What value are you ‘exchanging’ What themes are you using to deliver your value? Deliver your value through your content

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HOT Seat Where is your brand with your specific digital strategy? Why? What is happening? Email doyle@thedigitaldelusion.com

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What Are YOU Going To “TALK” About?

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WHO Are You Talking to?

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What is Content? Not just a “blog” Ebooks, checklists, webinars, videos, web text, images, infographics, stories, books, course, training… Educating Your Audience Creating awareness of ‘you’ (Profile) Informing about their “environment” Focused on YOUR keywords

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Your CONTENT Drives Your Audience What is YOUR Original Content? Not all sales Your Business Value WIIFM? “What’s In It For Me” Where is your Digital Leadership? Your Strategy?

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What About Keywords? Yes, research! https://www.google.com.au/trends/ https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner http://www.semrush.com/ More so, they distill out as PART of your VALUE statements, Your digital strategy, and your specific content!

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How To Identify YOUR Target Persona Start by describing the ideal customer who might benefit most from the content you create:   WHO is the persona? WHAT traits characterize her? WHAT roles does she play? WHAT does her typical day look like? WHERE is there a gap in her needs/wants (beyond our products/services)? WHEN does she need to close this gap (i.e., where is she in the purchase funnel)? WHY would she care about us, as a company (aside from our product)?

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Identify Your Persona TARGET PERSONA: ________________________________________ Job title/Role: ____________________________________________ Typical challenge: _________________________________________ Needs Gap: ______________________________________________ Funnel position: __________________________________________ What she cares about: _____________________________________ Place your persona’s picture here and give her a name, to help your content team keep her top-of-mind. 

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How to Grow you Audience With Content? Reciprocity – SHARE LIKE COMMENT As ‘your’ business & personal profile Interest Followers & Leaders – Key People of Influence in Your Industry Add YOUR content to the mix Value from your strategy? WIIFM? Be proactive & Outgoing “ASK” to connect for personal pages 5 Minutes/day

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What Tools Do You Need To Build Your Digital Ecosystem? Digital is (just) a tool Digital leadership is your brand strategy It’s what you do with your tools that is more important Align your content with your strategy as “themes” to discuss and share

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How TO EXPLODE Your Content (Webinar Example) Run your Webinar Record screencast video as a prerecorded webinar (Camtasia) Use the recorded video as part of your training program Record (or separate) audio and post as a podcast/audio file on soundcloud.com or itunes Use your presentation and post to Slideshare.com Write a blog post and embed the video, audio and slideshare presentation onto your website Use the individual slide images as branded images on your visual social channels – instagram, Facebook, Twitter #8 SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!

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Better Than Sliced Bread? Create 1% of your own Content Copy & Share 9% [Content] of Your Influencers 90%? Join the conversation – share others, discuss, comment The ‘Magical’ 90/9/1 Social Media Sharing Ratio

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HOT Seat How are you developing your content? Do you have a schedule? Have you defined your channels? Do you have a persona? Email doyle@thedigitaldelusion.com

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Trust The Process

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Don’t just stand there staring…

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Don’t Forget to Have fun.

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#ownonline Start to Establish Your Online Platform with the 7 Frames of Digital Leadership (FRAME 1 & 2). Grow Your COMPLETE Digital Platform – Augment it! Feed it! Be accountable to your business – Continue to Learn! Now is the time to overcome the problems and difficulties that are slowing you down. What Do I Need To Do NEXT?

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A Few Last Words Consistently deliver your value across your entire digital ecosystem DON’T HARD SELL – INFLUENCE TO ACTION Build AUTHORITY through LEADERSHIP Your industry influencers? WHO are they? Your Schedule? WHAT is it? Your Value & Your Content? HOW do you deliver it? Your strategy? What is it? Your ROI? WHERE is the Money? Move your fans to your own lists and own pages. EXPERIMENT & GET ACTIVE LIKE & Share others It’s not ALL about you!

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Don’t Forget To Practice…

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Are You Ready For The Digital Leadership Challenge?

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The End of The Story? It’s more about the conversation, the community, as well as the connections that you make through your ENTIRE ONLINE PLATFORM. The conversion is the result of having a strategy, having a process, and having all of the pieces in place for your audience to SEE.

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Your Social Media Leadership Challenge DIGITAL

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Where to go for more help? Let’s connect on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook – Just search ‘Doyle Buehler’ @doylebuehler Need any Tips? Please email me with ANY questions doyle@thedigitaldelusion.com Call me +61 413 106 880 (Australia) Call me +1 403 616 0273 (Canada/US) #OwnOnline

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Seminar Resources Slide Deck on Slideshare.net bit.ly/doylebuehler22 Join The Online Inner Circle Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/onlineinnercircle

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Thank YOU for Listening. Questions? Email doyle@thedigitaldelusion.com

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I’m Giving Away A Paperback Copy of My Book on Digital Leadership - “The Digital Delusion: How To Overcome The Misguidance & Misinformation Online” For the BEST Question OR Your BIGGEST Challenge of Online Just Tweet! @doylebuehler #ownonline The Book on Digital Leadership for Businesses

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http://www.linkedin.com/in/doylebuehler https://www.facebook.com/doyle.buehler http://www.twitter.com/doylebuehler http://www.instagram.com/doylebuehler http://www.youtube.com/user/doylebuehler Please Find & Follow Me On Social

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