5 Challenges that Prevent Exercise

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5 Challenges that Prevent Exercise & How to Overcome Them @HabitsGuy

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We all have challenges that hold us back from exercising.

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The trick is to take time to identify your specific challenge and think of ways to overcome it.

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Let’s cover five of the most common and suggest a few possible solutions.

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Challenge 1 Not Enough Time

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You barely have enough time for the important things, so exercise often seems like “something else” you have to do.

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The Solution! Start small. If you’re not exercising at all, make the decision to get extra movement throughout the day.

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The Solution! If you do activities that don’t require special clothing or cause you to sweat, you may not have to change your clothes or shower.

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Challenge 2 No Support from Family

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It’s hard to do something alone— especially when those around you don’t understand why you do it.

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The Solution! If your family doesn’t support you, get help elsewhere. Join online forums or Facebook or LinkedIn groups devoted to exercise.

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The Solution! If your budget permits, you can hire a personal trainer who will hold you accountable and keep you motivated.

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Challenge 3 Extreme Weather Conditions

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Where you live sometimes makes a big difference when it comes to exercising consistently.

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The Solution! Joining a climate-controlled gym is a great option if you are worried about the weather.

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The Solution! If finances are a concern, finding exercises to do inside your home using basic equipment or exercise DVDs may work for you.

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Challenge 4 Physical Limitations

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Not everyone is in top shape. This may be especially true if you haven’t exercised lately or are overweight or have some type of injury or handicap.

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The Solution! Acknowledge your limitations and find a way to work around them.

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The Solution! 1. Talk to a doctor about your issue and see what he suggests as a good form of exercise. 2. Ease into this new habit. 3. If you have injuries, find exercises that won’t exacerbate them.

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Challenge 5 That Oh-SoAwkward Feeling

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Joining a gym may be an uncomfortable experience. Some may feel self-conscious while exercising.

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The Solution! If you’re female and feel uncomfortable going to a gym where men are present, try joining a women’s-only gym.

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The Solution! Or join one with a mixed group of members who are simply there to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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