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10 To Consider A Move To Microsoft Cloud Now Reasons Be An IT Hero

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Geo Redundancy, and Financially Backed 99.9% Uptime Guarantee Your Chief Executive Officer 1 Sorry to wake you but, I just got a call from the Fire Department and…

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Only 6 percent of companies survive longer than two years after a major data loss.* * Gartner 6%

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Legal Hold and eDiscovery for email, IM and files Your In House Attorney 2 …and we need to provide them with a copy of every email, file and instant message that Sam sent to XYZ Corp. by end of day tomorrow...

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5 50% Of organizations still track legal holds manually.* *Steinberg Group

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At Rest and In Transit Encryption Inside and Outside Your Organization Your Chief Financial Officer 3 …I am sending them the financials, however, I don’t want them to forward, print, or copy it. Oh yeah, and we also need their access to the file to expire on the 1st of next month.

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7 64% Of organizations don’t have an enterprise wide encryption strategy.* *Thales and Ponemon Institute

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Signed Business Associate Agreement From Microsoft and US Medical IT Your Compliance Officer 4 “The Auditors are asking for a copy of the BAAs we have from all of our IT vendors...”

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9 58% Of breached records are traced back to business associates.* *Health Information Trust Alliance

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Affordable Telemedicine to Provide Better Care to Your Underserved Populations Your Chief Medical Officer 5 “We need to send one of the doctors all the way out to that remote location every other Thursday to see just 2 patients...”

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11 84% Of C-level healthcare executives believe telemedicine is important to their organizations.* *Foley and Lardner LLP

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Data Visualization to Identify Emerging Risk and Opportunity Trends Your Director of Business Development 6 “… we need to generate a dynamic map that shows all of our patients and referring physicians across the state and then securely share that with our new partners.”

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13 Of healthcare decision makers perceive big data as impactful on future business.* * Society of Actuaries 87%

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Multifactor Authentication Enforced Across Multiple Devices Your Chief Security Officer 7 “Yes, I am not kidding, the password was on a pink sticky note under her keyboard…”

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15 63% Of users admit to forgetting a password, or had a password compromised, in their professional life.* *Microfocus

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Data Loss Prevention to Detect Potential Data Breaches Your Employee 8 “Thanks so much for Lunch Joan…Here is the list of patients with that medical condition we talked about.”

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17 17 17 43% Of C-level executives say negligent insiders are the greatest threat to sensitive data.* *IBM

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Device Encryption and Remote Wipe Installed on All Devices Your Chief Marketing Officer 9 “… the taxi company told me that the driver couldn’t find the iPad. What do we do now?”

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19 68% Of HIPAA breaches in 2014 were due to the loss or theft of mobile devices or files.* *Bitglass

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Secure Partner Portal with Data Encryption and Advanced Security Features Your Chief Operating Officer 10 “…and of course we need to securely send them a 250MB file each week.”

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21 1/3 1 out of 3 organizations do not know if 3rd party data access policies are in place.* *Microfocus

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Thoughtful integration of healthcare and technology IS IT TIME TO Want to know more about healthcare cloud? Visit us at usmedicalit.com to stay updated. MOVE? Office 365 Azure Intune Power BI