How Hospitals Can Keep Doctors Happy

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O KEEP YOU OW T R H DOCTORS HAPPY PHYSICIAN ENGAGEMENT REQUIRES ATTENTION Keeping your top-performing physicians happy is the key to a hospital’s success. They enhance the reputation of your hopital and attract more patients. With physician engagement at an all-time low, hospitals need to find a solution—and fast. Hospital and health system CEO’s are twice as likely to rate physician engagement as their best opportunity to improve performance compared with any other options. 6 in 10 physicians feel uninformed of the organization’s strategic plans and directions. 58% of physicians say that medical systems are distant and unresponsive. UNHAPPY DOCTORS ARE COSTING YOUR HOSPITAL MILLIONS AMOUNT DESCRIPTION The national average turnover cost per physician as a result of failure to engage $990,000 x The national turnover rate for doctors per healthcare system each year 6.8% x Estimated number of employed physicians for an individual healthcare supplier 300 Figures are based on the national average of an individual healthcare supplier TOTAL $20,100,000 per healthcare supplier per year WHY PHYSICIAN ENGAGEMENT COMMUNITIES ARE SO SUCCESSFUL There’s an easy solution to your unhappy doctor problem: invite them into your inner circle and give them a say in the way you do business. Demonstrate that you’re not just listening, you’re also acting on their insight. You can do all this with a tailor-made solution: a Vision Critical insight community. BACK REAL TIME FEED to provide Allow physicians own convenience feedback at their PHYSICIANS AS T RUSTED ADVISORS Direct feedback lo op for physicians throughout strategy -setting process MULTIPLE CONVENIENT ACCESS POINTS Multiple channels such as smartphone apps + Intranet CLINICAL PERSPECTIVE IMPROVES STRATEGY Physicians provide insight into the on care delivery ENGAGEMENT ENHANCES PERFORMANCE Physician engagement improves ROI strategy Discover how top-performing hospitals have harnessed the power of an insight community to engage with their physicians and make better business decisions www.visioncritical.com/health Sources: American Medical Group Association, Cejka Research, Becker Hospital Review, and The Advisory Board Company

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