How to Jump-start Your Wellness Program

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36% of U.S. employers plan to add wellness program components to their employee benefits this year. © Healthgram, Inc. 2015

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Wellness Programs These programs have been shown to: Contribute to corporate culture of health Increase productivity  Have a positive impact on employee satisfaction © Healthgram, Inc. 2015

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Wellness Programs In a wellness program, it is important to define your needs and create a customized program that aligns with your goals that would be most beneficial to your total population.   © Healthgram, Inc. 2015

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What are factors that contribute to long-term success in a wellness program?   © Healthgram, Inc. 2015

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3 Steps to Jump-start your Wellness Program A health risk assessment (HRA) Biometric screening  Individual consultation with a telephonic health coach for each member  © Healthgram, Inc. 2015

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3 Steps to Jump-start your Wellness Program These steps help benchmark the current state of your population and start to identify areas for improvement. Health risk assessments and biometric screenings are strong first steps to building your data warehouse Outreach to members helps gauge the population engagement level in the program © Healthgram, Inc. 2015

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1. Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) © Healthgram, Inc. 2015 HRAs evaluate members’ personal health and lifestyle information to gauge their risk for future conditions.

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According to a study conducted by Employee Benefits News, 86% of employees who receive suggested steps based on their health risk assessment results take action.  © Healthgram, Inc. 2015

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2.   Biometric screenings Biometric screenings collect purely objective data and can often uncover previously undiagnosed conditions. © Healthgram, Inc. 2015 Data collected include: BMI Blood pressure  Cholesterol levels

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2.   Biometric screenings The data gathered through the biometric screenings combined with personal history gathered through the HRA, provides a snapshot of your population’s health and can show where intervention can have the biggest impact. © Healthgram, Inc. 2015

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Studies have shown that just receiving health information inspires change.  © Healthgram, Inc. 2015

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3.  One-on-one intervention After identifying members who could benefit from intervention, each member who completes the HRA and biometric screening is provided with at least a 30-minute individual health coaching consultation.   © Healthgram, Inc. 2015

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3.  One-on-one intervention Health coaches are able to address individual and family medical history, tobacco use patterns, lifestyle habits and more to start crafting a health plan with realistic goals. © Healthgram, Inc. 2015

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According to a 2014 RAND Study, participants enrolled in disease management programs generated savings of $136 PEPM, an ROI of $3.80 for every $1 invested. © Healthgram, Inc. 2015

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Jump Start Wellness By jump-starting your wellness program, you'll be on your way to improved employee wellbeing, lower costs and a culture of health. © Healthgram, Inc. 2015

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