Achieving the Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions Connection

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Four Bodies that Make One Complete Whole

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When we talk about the human body, most of us refer to the physical form that we see in front of us. However, in reality, every person is made up of four bodies, all of which interrelate to one another and coexist in harmony

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Multiple Bodies Integration

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Encompasses our mind and thought processes Deals with reason, logic, and perception MENTAL Thoughts, beliefs, and mental capabilities are controlled by our mind

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Made of flesh and blood, with bones, muscles, and organs; covered by layers of skin PHYSICAL Provides us with the ability to use our 5 senses: touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing

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The Spirit is what gives you the purpose to strive forward and become a better person SPIRITUAL The spiritual state is the consciousness and discovery of who we really are

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People excel in their lives if they have self-awareness, control over their impulses, persistence and empathy for others EMOTIONAL Concerned with our feelings, sentiments and reactions

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Balancing Your Life

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A great way to find inner calm and balance YOGA

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A good diet is necessary for a healthy physical body and proper functioning of your mental capabilities DIET

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Negative thoughts and feelings channel through your body, causing harmful effects POSITIVE THINKING

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Herbal products can help you in staying calm and fit HERBAL REMEDIES

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Get in touch with your spirit with the help of meditative techniques MEDITATION

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Exercise daily to keep your physical body healthy and fit EXERCISE

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Everything you desire exists within a Parallel Universe All you have to do is believe in achieving it and attract it towards yourself LAW OF ATTRACTION Read More…

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