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YOGA HATHA YOGA Hatha Yoga - An admired choice for people who want to enhance their mind, body and mystical health. Scientific studies have proven that the regular practice of Hatha yoga provides a range of physical and mental benefits. Hatha Yoga can create significant relief from stress, anxiety and depression too. So, Let us know the top poses of Hatha yoga and their importance to have a healthy life style.

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HATHA YOGA ADHOMUKHA SAVASANA Adho Mukha Svanasana is a downward facing dog position which is very challenging and is for all when learning the Hatha yoga.

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HATHA YOGA BADHAKONASANA Badhakonasana, also called as Butterfly Pose which helps to open your inner thigh muscles, stregthen the knees and kidneys and prevents urinary infections.

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HATHA YOGA TRIKONASANA It combines many elements into one posture. It helps to expand the torso in four directions and releases the chest and the shoulder, enhances balance, strengthens the leg arseille and also provides a mild twist.

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HATHA YOGA BHUJANGASANA Bhujangasana, also called as Cobra Pose and is a great pose for strengthening your back, for opening your chest and shoulders. The arching of the spine increases litheness and strength, tones back muscles.

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HATHA YOGA TADASANA Tadasana, also called as Mountain Yoga position in which we are by noticing out feet, spreading all five toes and planting the feet determinedly into the Earth.

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HATHA YOGA DHANURASANA Here we make a bow with our body and the string will be our arms. This yoga asana will reduce the excess fat near waist and hips.

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