Social Media In Healthcare: Coming of Age

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Social Media in Healthcare: Coming of Age Lee Aase (@LeeAase) Mayo Clinic Social Media Network Ontario Hospital Association • #SMHC2015 December 7, 2015

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Glad to Be Back in Toronto • Presented in person to OHA Dec. 8, 2011 • Presented subsequently via Skype (2012?) • And my most recent visit… Nov. 25, 2014

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Agenda • The role of social networking in Mayo Clinic’s • • • • development and growth What’s new since 2011? Two Canadian Connections What’s next? Opportunities and resources for you

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U.S. News Best Hospitals Metro Populations

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Answering a Burning Question…

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Social Networking in the Origins and Development of Mayo Clinic

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Inventing Group Practice of Medicine, Unified Medical Record

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Mayo Clinic’s First Social Networkers

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Countries Dr. Will Mayo Visited Austria Denmark Ireland Scotland Australia England Italy Sweden Argentina Fiji Mexico Switzerland Belgium Finland New Zealand Uruguay Canada France Norway Chile Germany Peru Cuba Holland Russia

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Information Sources Influencing Preference for Mayo Clinic (2010)

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Social Networking is part of the Mayo Clinic DNA and is fundamental to health care

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Moving Mayo Clinic from Social Networking to Social Media

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Involuntary MySpace “Representation”

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Involuntary MySpace “Representation”

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Accelerated Adoption of Free Platforms and Low-Cost Tools • 2007 - Facebook • 2008 • YouTube • Flip Cameras • Twitter • Blogs

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Telling the Patient Experience Story

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©2011 MFMER | 3139261-

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Sharing Mayo Clinic - January 2009

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Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Founded July 2010 • The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media exists to improve health globally by accelerating effective application of social media tools throughout Mayo Clinic and spurring broader and deeper engagement in social media by hospitals, medical professionals and patients. • Our Mission: Lead the social media revolution in health care, contributing to health and well being for people everywhere. • “Credibility Hub” (h/t @Nora3000) for #hcsm (and #hcsmca, #hcsmeu, #hcsmanz) • Make resources developed for Mayo Clinic staff available to peers via Social Media Health Network.

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A Catalyst for Social Media

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Social Media Residency • One-day crash course • Intro to tools and hands-on • experience Strategic framework for application

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@FarrisTimimi - Medical Director

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Online Newsroom: Mayo Clinic News Network

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Patient-to-Patient Community: Mayo Clinic Connect

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Interactive Webinars with Google Hangouts

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Private Patient Education Sites

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#StrongArmSelfie Campaign

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#StrongArmSelfie Campaign

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#StrongArmSelfie Campaign

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#StrongArmSelfie Campaign

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Periscope Q&A

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Canadian Connection #1: Hootsuite Curriculum Collaboration • Curriculum RFP Dec. 2014 • Redesigning Residency Prerequisites • Developed plan for Social Media Basics Certificate eligible for CME credit

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Mayo Clinic-Hootsuite Social Media Basics for Healthcare • Available directly from Hootsuite or at a discount for MCSMN members (3.5 CME Hours)

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Canadian Connection #2: @ColleenYoung • Joined External Advisory Board • Contract consultant to redesign SMHN site • Now Mayo Clinic Connect Community Director

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Social Media Health Network

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A New Name Today: Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

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Basic Membership - FREE

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MCSMN Basic Member Benefits • Three Webinars/year (reg. $95 each) • eBook (Kindle or PDF) of Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health Care • News You Can Use

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Premium Individual Membership

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MCSMN Premium Member Benefits • Monthly Webinars (and archives) • Member Discussion forums • Online Learning, including Social Media Basics for Healthcare Certificate • Resources and Templates • Discounts on In-Person Events

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$100 Discount for OHA Members

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Premium Organization Membership

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MCSMN Organization Membership Benefits • Premium membership for all employees • 10 licenses for Social Media Basics for Healthcare Certificate, with bulk discounts for broader adoption • Special Organization-Only Opportunities

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Coming Wednesday: The New Mayo Clinic Connect

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Let’s Connect! • @LeeAase (or #MCSMN) • socialmediacenter@mayo.edu • LinkedIn

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