Content Strategy for Nonprofits

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Content Strategy for Nonprofits Caryn Stein Network for Good

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2 What is content strategy? Why does it matter for your organization? How to plan for your audience and goals The right and wrong way to create and distribute your content Some examples and ideas Let’s do this! #ADRPConf

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3 So, what the heck is content strategy? Source: Kelly Kingman #ADRPConf

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4 Why? Source: News360.com #ADRPConf

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Do you have a documented content strategy at your organization? 5 Quick poll #ADRPConf

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6 Survey says: Source: Content Marketing Institute #ADRPConf

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What are your biggest challenges when it comes to content at your organization? 7 Quick poll #ADRPConf

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8 Source: Content Marketing Institute #ADRPConf

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So how do you do it? 9 #ADRPConf

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Who is our audience? What are our goals? What content do we already have? What do we need to create? How will we store and distribute our content? When and how frequently? Who is responsible? 10 First, think about these questions #ADRPConf

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11 And so on… #ADRPConf

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12 Goal Drive email signups Increase traffic to site Goals Increase event registrations Acquire new donors Goals Retain donors Improve donor sentiment Increase repeat gifts Goal Retain donors Increase average gift size #ADRPConf

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13 Perform a Content Audit Inventory Assess Map #ADRPConf

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14 Perform a Content Audit Source: Business2Community

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15 Create Your Calendar #ADRPConf

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16 Create Your Calendar Source: Top Nonprofits Source: Pam Moore #ADRPConf

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17 Warning: #ADRPConf

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18 Use What You’ve Got #ADRPConf

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19 #ADRPConf

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20 Create or Curate? #ADRPConf

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21 #ADRPConf

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22 Tap the news cycle Be ready to adapt Create seasonal hooks/create your own events Measure and track to find out what works Have a process for soliciting and receiving content More Pro Tips #ADRPConf

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23 Source: http://www.2-harvest.org/news/ #ADRPConf

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24 Source: http://www.cfsbny.org/get-involved/donor-spotlight.aspx #ADRPConf

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25 Source: http://www.sacramentofoodbank.org #ADRPConf

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26 Source: http://www.thecontributor.org/featured-vendor/ #ADRPConf

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27 Source: http://wish.org/wishes/wish-nation-blog #ADRPConf

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28 Source: http://www.legacy.vg/villanova/giving/3.html #ADRPConf

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29 #ADRPConf

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30 #ADRPConf

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31 Set clear, well-defined communication goals, then map your content efforts to them Have a process – and a schedule Understand what goes where Measure, track, and learn It’s ok to start small Remember… #ADRPConf

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32 Free Guides Storytelling for Nonprofits: http://bit.ly/NFGStorytelling How to Make the Case for Giving: http://bit.ly/Case4Giving 101 Social Media Posts for Nonprofits: http://bit.ly/101SocialPosts #ADRPConf