Social Media + Social Good

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Social Media +Social Good Karen M. Sieminski, ‘Digital Stylist’ + Social Media Strategy consultant @KMSieminski

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How people consume information is changing …

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Social Media Revolution 2014 by Erik Qualman, Author and Keynote Speaker

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DIGITAL (REFRESH): What do I do? ● Social media research, analysis, tutoring ● Strategic (re)branding; campaign building MARKETING: ● Ensure clear, concise and consistent messaging online and off ● Help small budgets s t r e t c h !

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CURRENTLY: Who do I work with? ● Grantees of the Carnegie Corporation ● Federal Reserve Bank of New York (Outreach) VOLUNTEER: ● United Nations ● #GivingTuesday - global day of generosity and giving online + off

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How do you define Social Good? Power of One … Impact of Many

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‘Common good,’ charity, philanthropy and the like have evolved ... online.

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Around the World: Digital, Social & Mobile

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Super Bowl of SOCIAL GOOD (last week) ● ONE EVENT: Social Good 2-Day Summit, #2030NOW ● 1.6 billion impressions on Twitter and Instagram ● 100 countries participated ● Technology can give everyone a voice -- there are no borders online. ● It’s about people, not numbers!

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Power of one. ● 22 -year-old platform engineer issued a CALL TO ACTION ● One voice. Ignites millions. ● Diversity of STEM; fighting gender stereotyping and sexism #ILookLikeAnEngineer (Response to sexist feedback)

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Impact of many. ● In 2012, 92nd Street Y and UN Foundation start a CALL TO ACTION ● 2,500 nonprofits participated 50 U.S. states ● Raised $13.46 million + in one day! #GivingTuesday

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#GivingTuesday - Campaign to Tradition 2015

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Social Good vocabulary Cause Marketing partnership with cause and for-profit business to educate and ‘sell’ a cause - (RED) campaign Crowdsourcing | funding “outsourcing” brainstorming and/or fundraising for public input - Kickstarter Call-to-action direction to ‘do something’- #GivingTuesday Slacktivism e-advocacy campaigns - Thunderclap

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How do YOU get started? Your Brand = Strategy

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SIMPLE TRUE ‘do you’ - tell YOUR story ACTION Digital STAMP clear, concise and consistent research your community MAP develop a flexible strategy PEOPLE surround yourself online + off Building blocks *Inspired by: Erik Qualman, Inspirational Speaker Seth Godin, Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

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Online + Offline Your brand Digital Footprints any and all content YOU control and share forward Digital Shadows content others share about YOU online and off

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@KMSieminski #SocialGood + #NPtech

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