Ashoka Case Study

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Ashoka Case Study

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Nonprofits + volunteers = impact

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Finding skilled volunteers fast THE CHALLENGE

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Maggie’s challenge NONPROFIT SEEKING VOLUNTEERS Ashoka’s Maggie Lemere turned to LinkedIn to find volunteers to transcribe countless hours of interview footage when she was developing “changemaker” stories though video and multimedia.

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THE SOLUTION Tapping into LinkedIn’s Volunteer Marketplace for skilled volunteers

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An opportunity for Nicolee VOLUNTEER SEEKING TO MAKE A CHANGE Nicolee had a life-long passion for language and literature, and was looking for opportunities in the field of translation. Nicolee Spiller, Volunteer Translator

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Maggie Lemere Sr. Communications Specialist, Ashoka Nicolee Spiller Volunteer Translator, Ashoka

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Maggie’s perspective “The expertise and professionalism Ashoka has access to while recruiting and then collaborating with volunteers has greatly increased through the LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace.” RESULTS Maggie Lemere Senior Communications Specialist, Ashoka

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Nicolee’s perspective RESULTS “Personally I’ve benefited a ton from my experience volunteering with Ashoka. It led me to seek out other opportunities in the field of translation, and I’m even considering graduate programs focused on translating Spanish and Portuguese into English.” Nicolee Spiller Volunteer Translator, Ashoka

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More than 6 million professionals worldwide have signaled on their profiles they want to participate in skilled volunteering. Make your social impact part of your professional identity at LinkedIn.

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Come find a professional to help you succeed https://nonprofits.linkedin.com

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Volunteer Marketplace https://volunteer.linkedin.com