Make Your Nonprofit Irresistible Building your Talent Brand

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Make Your Nonprofit Irresistible Building your Talent Brand

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How well do you know branding?

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5 Establish how we should talk about this – “I provide great services” “I provide great services I provide great services I provide great services” “I understand you provide great services”

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Consumer brand

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Products Services

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What is it like to work there?

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Talent brand?

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Talent brand

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Talent Brand, n. The highly social, public version of your employer brand, incorporating what talent thinks, feels, and shares about your company as a place to work.

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People complete 60% of the decision making process prior to any direct interaction with the brand –and that extends to the way people now look for employment. 12 With a consumer brand, 60% of the decision-making process is made prior to any direct interaction with a sales person.

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13 Why would they treat BUSINESS & CAREER DECISIONS any differently?.

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14 A strong Talent Brand… half the cost per hire 50% More applicants attracted to the job 2x Responses to recruiter outreach

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15 And can contribute to retention: New employees sourced through LinkedIn are up to 40% less likely to leave within the first six months

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16 Nonprofit Sector Statistics Nonprofit HR |

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Where do I start?

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Build Engage Recruit Your followers & your brand Nurture your target audiences Do what you do best #HiretoWin 11

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Free Paid

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#HiretoWin 13 Build

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What assets do you have on LinkedIn today? Your Organization Page Your Employee Profiles 22 #HiretoWin

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Add a logo and banner image Add a company description Point out your specialties Grow your follower base How can you best brand your Company Page? 23 #HiretoWin

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24 #HiretoWin

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Add a picture (11x more views) Include a creative headline Include an elevator pitch about your nonprofit Fill out the volunteer & causes section Show, don’t tell – video goes a long way Ask for recommendations from volunteers and board members How can your employees best brand their profiles? 25 #HiretoWin

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26 #HiretoWin

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Followers are your brand advocates & a viable pool of candidates Responsive leads Engaged talent pool 81% Your followers are 81% more likely to respond to your recruiter’s InMail 61% of members are more likely to share information as a result of following a company 79% of members are interested in updates and job opportunities from companies they follow Brand evangelists 27 #HiretoWin

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How can you build your organization’s follower base? Employee Profiles Targeted Ads 28 #HiretoWin

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Maximize your Company Page presence Leverage your employee profiles Build your follower base Key takeaways: Building your brand 1 2 3 29 #HiretoWin

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30 #HiretoWin Engage

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How do you ENGAGE your audience?

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Nurture your audience with targeted, value-add content 32

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What is content marketing? Any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to engage key audiences Content marketing develops long-term relationships with your audience 1 Provides relevant updates on the communities your organization impacts Showcases what it’s like to work at your nonprofit Establishes the publisher as a thought leader or trusted advisor Why is it important? 33 #HiretoWin

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Examples of content marketing 34 #HiretoWin

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Every time you post content, you’re nurturing the relationship with your followers 35 Generate awareness of roles you are filling Build a community of target candidates Promote news or upcoming events Ways to build relationships with target talent Member news feed #HiretoWin

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36 Sponsored Updates Reach the entire LinkedIn network Company Updates Only reach your pool of followers Sponsored Updates can build the same kind of relationships with talent outside your followers 364M+ (+2 every sec) LinkedIn member population 500 #HiretoWin

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Focus on storytelling through testimonials Multiple page versions highly targeted to visiting talent Jobs Customized to the audience Career Page - what is it like to work at your org Powerful Video Content that engages the viewer 2 37

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38 Content enhances Job Posts for further engagement

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Tips and tricks for your Career Page Think visually Think video Think customized 39 Think digitally

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Targeted ads find and engage any audience… 3 40 #HiretoWin Attract candidates Gain more followers If you want to: Here is a solution: Drive traffic to opportunities

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How does it all come together?

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42 Example: Guide Dogs for the Blind

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Client example: CUSO International 43

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44 #HiretoWin

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Client example: Kiva.org Grew follower base by close to 7,000 in 12 months! Called the “hottest nonprofit on the planet” by FORTUNE Magazine 45

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Use content marketing to develop relationships with your audience pools Leverage your Career Page to showcase your unique organizational culture Reach and engage your target audiences with ads Key takeaways: Engaging your audience 1 2 3 46

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Build Engage Recruit Your followers & your brand Nurture your target audiences Do what you do best 11

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2 Engage your employees. They are your primary brand ambassadors. Direct takeaways – what you can start doing today. Take some time to rock your profile. 1 3 4 5 Partner with your marketing colleagues to share great stories and content on LinkedIn. Give your Company Page some love. Are there pictures? Engaging content? Take ownership of how you’re perceived as an employer! Consider Employee Profile Ads, Targeted Recruitment Ads, and a Career Page.

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49 Talent Connect pitch

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50 Other LinkedIn resources for nonprofits Find employees - 50% off a full time job posting Find board members / volunteers - 90% off a job posting for a volunteer or board member General resources - Case studies, tip sheets LinkedIn for Nonprofits – monthly webinar that overviews all our nonprofit offerings - Register on the nonprofit website Advanced search – great free tool nonprofit.linkedin.com

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51 Thanks for viewing! Follow us on social media: talent.linkedin.com/blog #hiretowin