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The problems that get solved have everything to do with who's doing the solving

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The strategy is delivery Mike Bracken, UK Government Digital Service

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They have no use for someone who looks and dresses like me. Mikey Dickerson

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It’s almost as if they thought the nuts and bolts of governing is for peons. They are policy people. Steven Brill

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What do we want to borrow from tech?

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Old process 1. policy 2. process 3. systems 4. users 5. stasis

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New process 1. users 2. service (re)design 3. system development 4. policy check 5. feedback

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“One privilege the insured and well-off have is to excuse the terrible quality of services the government routinely delivers to the poor. Too often, the press ignores — or simply never knows — the pain and trouble of interfacing with government bureaucracies that the poor struggle with daily.” Ezra Klein, Washington Post

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52,000 CalFresh clients 2x Growth 30% Churn

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“The app proposes a new kind of more productive communication between the two groups that moves past angry and frustrated citizens on one end, and a paralyzed city on the other.” -Fast Company Exist

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People think I can fix New Orleans’ problems. I’m just a designer.

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1 doing 2 empathy 3 diversity

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Code for America Fellows

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No one has wanted me. I can still contribute. This is the only place that has welcomed me and let me help.

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