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@CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile CSOD Foundation: Our Mission The Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation transforms the way people help people. Through the contribution of our technology and talent management expertise, we strengthen nonprofit organizations around the world by helping them develop, engage, and empower their employees and the people they serve.

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Takeaways Mobile is exploding – what are the implications for nonprofits? Having a mobile strategy vs. having a mobile website 8 concrete ways your nonprofit can implement a mobile strategy @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile

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Why Mobile? In less than a year, more of your supporters will visit your website from a mobile device than from their desktop computer. @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile

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What Is A Mobile Strategy? A mobile strategy encompasses design, content and messaging into all channels used for marketing and fundraising – websites, emails, appeals, events, blogs and social media. @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile

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What Is A Mobile Strategy? More than just making sure that your website looks good on mobile devices!!!!! A great mobile strategy ensures that your supporters are getting and processing your information on their mobile devices. Success on mobile means that your readers can do everything you want them to do on their mobile device – easily and without obstacles. @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile

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Implications for Nonprofits Pew Internet found that 50% of donors are already using mobile devices to access nonprofit websites and emails. Another 40% of those surveyed used a mobile device to make a donation. @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile

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Implications for Nonprofits While online giving is still a fraction of total giving, it is the segment that is growing the fastest year after year, according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy. @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile

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Implications for Nonprofits Pew Internet found that a majority of young adults, black and Hispanic adults and low-income adults rely on their mobile devices for online access and not on desktops or laptops. @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile

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The types of content most read and shared on mobile devices are: Valuable blog posts/articles Shareable links Key updates Photos Videos @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile Content must be unique, persuasive, clear, concise, heavily visual and easily digestible. 1. Create content designed for mobile

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Message and CTA– Can it be expressed in 140 characters? Can it be expressed in a visually-compelling image? What can you cut out? What can you shorten? Can this be easily shared? @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile 1. Create content designed for mobile

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Always think about your audience! How do you consume information? When/ how do you use your phone? Waiting in line at the grocery store, watching TV, in the bathroom. @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile 1. Create content designed for mobile

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Constant Contact found that 43% of all emails are being opened on a mobile device. Email newsletters now should function like email blasts – short, to the point and with a clear call-to-action in the middle. @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile 2. Overhaul your long, graphics-heavy email newsletter.

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TIP: Use a single column template for your emails. You do not want your readers to have to zoom in or scroll across. Add more info to a mobile-friendly website or blog post and have readers click to access it. Examples: Pajama Program, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Strong Women, Strong Girls, Astoria Performing Arts Center (APAC) Source: http://blogs.constantcontact.com/nonprofit-marketing-examples/ @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile 2. Overhaul your long, graphics-heavy email newsletter.

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You should have one website that functions as the information hub of your organization and your most important marketing piece. Website adapts to the screen size. More specific info: Three Steps to Creating a Responsive Design For Your Nonprofit Website by John Haydon: http://www.johnhaydon.com/create-responsive-website-design/ @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile 3. Create your website with responsive design.

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Blog headlines and email subject lines are crucial. Infographic: http://masstransmit.com/broadcast_blog/mobile-email-from-name-and-subject-line-displays-infographic/ @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile 4. Pay attention to headlines.

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@CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile

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Do not create huge blocks of text with no breaks. Think short paragraphs (one sentence) and bulleted lists for emphasis. Do not make the text too small to read on a mobile device – no smaller than size 12 font. Make the links easy to tap or click on with a finger. @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile 5. Use more white space.

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TIP: The most effective way to encourage readers to click on links it to feature large, colorful buttons embedded into the content. @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile 5. Use more white space.

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Photos, Video (screen shot) Make the visuals clickable links. Make ALL images clickable links (people expect that). @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile 6. Incorporate visuals.

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What is the #1 action you want people to take with this particular email campaign? Sign a petition? Donate a certain amount? Sign up to volunteer? Register for an event? Feature only one call-to-action per email, blog post or other piece of content. @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile 7. Have a very clear CTA.

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Think about why people use apps – gaming, social media, email, to get a value-added service (finding the cheapest gas, coupons, Google Maps). What would the app do that a great mobile strategy can’t do? @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile 8. Don’t purchase a mobile app for your nonprofit - YET.

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The first step on the path to an effective mobile strategy is to just do it! It’s not about you – it’s about your audience(s). Always make sure you are reaching your audiences where they are – not where you want them to be. And where they are is on their phones. @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile It’s Not About You

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Resources JCSocialMarketing.com JohnHaydon.com BethKanter.org NPTechForGood.com NonprofitReady.org @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile

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Questions? Twitter: @JuliaCSocial Facebook: www.facebook.com/ jcsocialmarketing Email: julia@ jcsocialmarketing.com @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile

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Thank You! @CSODFoundation @JuliaCSocial #npmobile