Piramal Swasthya The evolution of a breakthrough approach to solve the rural healthcare delivery problem in India

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Piramal Swasthya The evolution of a breakthrough approach to solve the rural healthcare delivery problem in India

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Piramal eSwasthya is a break-through attempt first made at Rajasthan, aimed at democratizing healthcare in India that has now spread across 7 states. Using innovative and cost effective technology, Piramal Swasthya is aimed especially at the vulnerable sections and seeks to bridge the access and delivery gap in healthcare.

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104 Health information Helpline Mobile Health services Telemedicine services eSwasthya Healthcare to vulnerable groups in difficult to reach remote areas Access to specialist care Drug prescription Local literate women (Pirama Swasthya Sahayikas - PSS) trained and given medical kit and mobile phone Screening and diagnostic data shared with central call centre Prescription validated by a doctor shared Piramal Swasthya - augmenting and supplementing public healthcare system to address availability, accessibility and affordability issues 24 x 7 x 365 healthcare information access Patient tracking system Credible advice on acute minor conditions Healthcare predictive analytics Screening and diagnosis of chronic conditions Promotive care Drug dispensation Patient tracking 3

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The beginning- training primary health care workers A local literate women from village is short-listed and trained for 21 days to work as Piramal Swasthya Sahayika (PSS). PSS is trained to collect simple diagnostic information like temperature, blood pressure etc. In addition, she learns about preventive medicine, first-aid and customer service. PSS is given a medical kit and marketing material.

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Proudly wearing the colours of health and training to be a primary health care worker The initial model of e-swasthya changed and improved over time.

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Villagers, who fall ill, visit the centre for consultation & treatment. Piramal eSwasthya Centre

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Riding on India’s telecom penetration to consult a doctor remotely

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Primary health workers making notes on the health issues

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Learning to diagnose basic health problems

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Process Flow of eSwasthya

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Assam Health Helpline Call Center 104 Call Centers offering healthcare services Piramal Swasthya - using telecom to bring health information to remote areas

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Assam Rajasthan Karnataka Maharashtra

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Mobile Health Services in Rural Areas Rajasthan

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Mobile Health Services in Assam Village outreach in Telangana Mobile Health Services in Andhra Pradesh Mobile Health Services in Rajasthan

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Telemedicine - Access to specialist through Technology

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Mother & Child health monitoring in remote villages affected by security issues (terrorist and/or others) or where there are no doctors.

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Piramal Swasthya has served 43.7 million beneficiaries till today. Female beneficiaries including female children (January 2014 to February 2015)