Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Ten Work Practices for Impact Without Burnout

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Ten Nonprofit Work Practices for Impact without Burnout Beth Kanter and Aliza Sherman January 14, 2016 - Wild Apricot Webinar

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Aliza Sherman: Web Pioneer, Author, Speaker, Tech Wellness Advocate

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Beth Kanter: Master Trainer, Author, Speaker and Blogger @kanter

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Agenda Topics OUTCOMES Happy Healthy Book and Manifesto • Identify one self-care habit to build and practice in 2016 The Ten Practices 1. Happy, Healthy Bill of Rights 2. Happy, Healthy Habit Change 3. Get Enough Sleep 4. Get Moving 5. Embrace Mindfulness 6. Manage Your Energy 7. Integrate Tech Wellness 8. Stop Procrastination 9. Set Limits 10. Create Your Self-Care Plan Reflection, Q/A, Resources FRAMING • Learning together • Building tiny habits • Use chat to ask questions as we go. Slides and Materials: http://www.happyhealthynonprofit.org

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The “Happy Healthy” Nonprofit Book https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/happy-healthy-np

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4 Steps to Nonprofit Chronic Stress

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The Five Spheres of Happy Healthy Our Tech Our Work Our Environment Other People Ourselves

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Self Care Practices, Plans, Policies

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Self-Care Habits for Individuals

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1 Declare A Self-Care Bill of Rights

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1 Self-Care Bill of Rights Aisha Moore’s Bill of Rights I have the right to: • • • • • • • • • • put my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health above everything and everyone else put self-love into action give to others and this world in a way that energizes me make decisions about my time without guilt adequate sleep focus on my physical body and outward appearance pamper myself define leadership and success in a way that supports self-love in action develop new habits that support my self-care speak the truth in all situations Take a mindful moment and jot down some ideas about what is in your Self Care Bill of Rights

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2 Happy, Healthy Habit Change

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2 Habit Change and Tracking Apps

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3 Get Enough Sleep

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3 Get Enough Sleep:Track It

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4 Don’t Just Sit There!

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4 Stand Up At Work: Standing Desk Hack Beverly Trayner-Wenger List of Standing Desk Resources http://bethkanter.wikispaces.com/walk

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4 Start Moving: Work on Walking More

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4 Start Moving: Walking Meetings http://www.bethkanter.org/walk-talk/

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5 Embrace Mindfulness Mindfulness is not meditation… (although meditation can improve mindfulness).

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5 Mindfulness Practices: Yoga, Really

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5 Mindfulness Apps

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5 Embrace Mindfulness: Change Your Brain Energy Depleted

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5 Mindfulness Practices: Go Analog

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5 Mindfulness: Coloring Books & Apps http://www.bethkanter.org/adult-coloring-books/

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5 Mindfulness: Take A Pause, Breathe • 1: Bring gentle and consistent attention to your breath for two minutes. Every time your attention wanders, bring it back • 2: Sit without an agenda for two minutes. Shift from doing into being

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6 Manage Your Energy and Attention

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6 Manage Your Energy: Synch Work Tasks

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6 Manage Your Attention: 18 Minutes A Day

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7 Tech Wellness

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7 Tech Wellness Dr. Ken Hansraj M.D.

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7 Tech Wellness: Charging Station

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7 Tech Wellness: Benefits Thoughts Influences Habits Boundaries Attention Wellness

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8 Is Procrastination A Problem?

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8 Stop Procrastination: Self-Awareness Type into Chat: How do you usually procrastinate? Are you aware of it?

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8 Stop Procrastination: Eat That Frog

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9 Set Limits

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9 Set Limits: Exercise Your “No” Muscle Beth, I need you to do …. No

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10 Create Your Self-Care Plan

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10 Create Your Self-Care Plan Self-Care Habit Area Practice Goals Physical and Wellness -Get 7-9 hours of sleep per night -Eat more fruits and vegetables every day -Get 10,000 steps a day walking -Practice a mindfulness activity every day for 15 minutes like adult coloring or breathing Mind and Mindfulness Technology -Stop reading and responding to work email or social media first thing in the morning or right before bed Emotional Spiritual Relationships Workplace -Practice positive self-talk -Take a nature hike on the weekends -Practice setting limits by saying no -Manage energy Other

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10 Share Your Self-Care Plan Slide Title Facebook.com/groups/happyhealthynonprofit

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Slide Title Thank you! AlizaSherman.com @alizasherman HappyHealthyNonprofit.org BethKanter.org @kanter

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