If You Think Microsoft’s Gaining Tablet Momentum Now Just Wait Until 2019

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If You Think Microsoft’s Gaining Tablet Momentum Now Just Wait Until 2019

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A slow start Back in 2012, Microsoft launched its first Surface tablet, and since then the company’s had more than a few missteps. Microsoft focuses too much on its Windows RT platform for a time, which caused it to lose money on Surface RT tablets. The company’s currently on its fourth generation of the Surface tablet and holds 8.5% of the tablet market.

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Microsoft rising But Microsoft’s Surface line is poised to make huge gains over the next few years. New data from IDC predicts that Microsoft’s global tablet market share will increase to 17.8% by 2019. Data Source: IDC.

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Android slipping Much of that growth will come at the expense of Google’s Android OS, which will from 67% market share in 2015, to 56.5% in 2019. Data Source: IDC.

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While the IDC says Apple’s iPad Pro will help the company gain some market share, Apple’s tablet share will remain relatively stagnant compared to Microsoft’s growth. Apple stalling Data Source: IDC.

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Why Microsoft will gain so much ground Shipments of detachables (tablets that have keyboards that can come off) are expected to spike over the next few years, including 75% year over year growth in 2016, according to IDC. With Microsoft firmly in the detachable tablet space, the company has the most to benefit.

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South Korean publication Asia Today says that Samsung might offer a 5.2-inch and 5.8-inch display for the S7. Other reports peg the sizes at 5.1 inches and 5.7 inches. Two different display sizes Image credit: Samsung. “At the same time, we expect Windows-based devices — slates and detachables combined — to more than double its market share by 2019, driven by a combination of traditional PC OEMs as well as more household smartphone vendors.” — IDC

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Don’t count Android or Apple out While Microsoft will gain the most ground by 2019, Android will still far outpace Microsoft in tablet shipments. Additionally, Apple will still lead Microsoft in tablet market share over the next few years and, as Apple recently proved with the release of the iPad Pro, the company is not about to give up trying to dominate the tablet market.

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